Sexual Things to Try in a Long-distance Relationship

sexual ideas for long distance relationships

Among all the challenges that a long-distance relationship poses, not enjoying some streamy sexual sessions can be counted as a major one. Agreed? How to have sex online, you ask. 

Just because you meet once in a blue moon doesn’t mean you guys are bound to refrain from the pleasure of long distance sex. Sexual pleasure between two partners does not necessarily have to be physical. 

You want it; you have it! All you need is a little bit of online creativity because when they say there are different ways to have sex, it counts online too!

1. Adapt The Techy Ways

How about technological foreplay and flirting with your boo? You can:

  • Send nudes
  • Non Veg jokes
  • Flirty messages
  • Sexy videos

Get off your fingers from the daily mundane text messages and switch to something exciting to keep the spark flying. Such sexual ideas for long distance relationships are playful and help in building up the much-needed steam between LDR partners. 

2. Masturbate Together

Before we get into the details, it’s important that both the partners mutually agree to this. If one partner is uncomfortable, drop the idea and talk about it. Moving on.

The online world has blessed us with many video calling apps that keep security at the core. Use any of the applications for a pleasurable intimate moment where you can discuss your favorite sex toys, pleasure points, role play masturbating and whatever you both wish. 

3. Keep Your Dirty Talk Game On Point

One of the sex ideas for long term relationships is phone sex. It’s probably one of the easiest and also practical ideas couples out there are having fun with already, haina? The best tip here would be to re-live your past sexual experiences if any. Also, fantasize a lot about your future sexual encounters. Though it won’t totally eliminate the need for physical love, it’s a great LDR sex practice. 

4. Share Your Favorite Porn or Porn Scenes With Each Other

If your concern is how to be intimate in a long-distance relationship, communication is the key. Here, we are particularly talking about sharing porn and being vocal about the best parts that turned you on. What you liked, what you didn’t like, and such stuff. Let it happen from both sides. 

5. Create Your Own Erotica

Why always porn or sex stories when you can write your own and share with your partner? Have you ever tried it? If not, you must. Create a steaming story that you both can enjoy. Take inspiration from wherever possible. Write it down and share it with your partner. Don’t let him/her know you’re planning something of this sort. Let it be sudden, or even a surprise would do. 

6. Sexy Conversations

Let the sexy conversation flow. But the deeper idea here is to not just focus on sex. Emotional compatibility leads to a healthy sexual relationship of any kind. Amid all the sexual things, also discuss your dreams, goals, and future. 

For making it naughty, go for sexting ideas for long distance relationships and ace it. 

Go ahead and explore sexual chemistry even from miles apart. But before that, a little something on consent. How justified is the demand without consent?

When you suddenly get aroused while talking, measure the waters if the other person equally wants it or not.

Consent can be withdrawn at any stage, even online. Also, maybe you are comfortable with sharing pictures and want to see the assets of the other one, but hello, they don’t like it.

So understand, empathize, and be creative to work with what both want. Long distance relationship sex also have rules! 

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