How to Have Sexual Intimacy in a Long Distance Relationship

intimacy in a long distance relationship

Imagine this scenario: you found THE one, your soulmate, your “you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with…”

Okay, maybe that’s just me dreaming out loud for myself. Anyway, coming back to the point, you’ve found the one online.

One important thing that comes with getting to know them is intimacy or intimacy in a relationship to be precise.

Now, how are you possibly going to get intimate with the people you’ve got with when the pandemic has created this whole ghapla about getting close to people, let alone touching, kissing, or even sex. I heard Sima Aunty (like of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ fame?) gasp in my head when I said sex.

Well, don’t worry, Sima Aunty, there are ways of getting intimate through the online medium as well. Long distance relationship intimacy? Yeah!

Now that Sima Aunty has left holding her head, I will tell you some long distance relationship sex ideas or what you call online intimacy.

The most important thing is to understand that kissing, touching, and sex are not the holy trinity of intimacy. Intimacy can take many shapes and forms.

Communication is a form of intimacy. Just making it a point to have a conversation with your partner gives them a sense of security that one is able to make time for their partner, which is quite an important step towards getting more intimate without your partner. It’s one type of intimacy in online relationships that keeps the spark going. 

Word of advice: “My place or yours, very early in the game, does not work. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try that in the first (roughly said) 2 conversations. Dead End, that turn!!

Being able to share personal details without hesitation gives a sense to your partner that you are comfortable being with your partner, even if you are separated by distance.

Making time for each other also comes within the values of communication. Rather than ghosting someone, or in simpler words, leaving someone on two blue ticks ‘read’.

How would you like it if someone ghosted you, huh? HUH?! Exactly. It is important to communicate, whatever it is!

One of the long distance intimacy ideas also includes video calling. It is also a viable option for getting intimate with your partner.

Uthao phone aur dial karo – ladies you too. It’s not a ‘men thing’. And hey, when the offer does come, and it happens to be the girl asking – don’t freak out. It’s normal, duh! Your partner is probably waiting for you this very minute as you’re reading this to call them.

Intimacy is scary, but it is something that people aspire to have when they are with their partners.

Unfortunately, it is times like these where intimacy becomes an issue because we are used to seeing intimacy in terms of a physical connection. Intimacy in a long distance relationship seems like an alien concept. 

Expanding and adapting to different forms of intimacy can help in the long run. I mean, let’s be honest, this will keep you happy and probably help Sima Aunty with her BP problems when she hears the word “Intimacy.”

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