9 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship in 2022

toxic relationship signs

Relationships are like walking on eggshells. NEVER TOO EASY WITH HIGHS AND LOWS! A flood of emotions is a part of any relationship where a melange of anger, love, anxiety, stress, romance, understanding, happy moments, and sad moments complete the whole recipe. 

Please focus all your attention here for a few seconds- If you’re in a toxic relationship, YOU KNOW IT ALREADY. Read that again! 

A healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship might appear to be the same from a distance. 

When analyzed closely, there are loopholes that can’t be fixed. That’s when you know you have successfully entered a toxic relationship you should be exiting from ASAP. 

Before jumping into toxic relationship signs that we are going to discuss in this blog, for the readers looking for a clear picture of toxic meaning in relationship, here it is!

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What Is a Toxic Relationship!

signs of a bad relationship

To put it this way, there’s no clear picture of what a toxic relationship looks like. It just feels exhausting, draining, and unpleasant with that constant urge to give up. 


When there’s nothing that’s holding you back from continuing, that’s one of the major signs of a bad relationship. 

Now let’s unfold one by one 9 signs that are screaming and telling you to come out from a relationship that only has toxicity to offer. 

#sign 1: Disagreements Followed by Disrespect

In a healthy relationship, disagreements or arguments will never lead to disrespect. Every couple argues and confronting it with love and respect is the ONLY way.

If you land in a situation where you both yell at each other like crazy every time you fight, this toxic sign is a clear warning! 

#sign 2: You Aren’t Feeling Yourself

Both healthy and unhealthy relationships will challenge you to the point where you might have to shed your own comforting skin to enter someone else’s that might not be your comfort zone.

The main difference is whether you are happy with that change or is it suffocating you? If it’s suffocating you to the core, run! 

#sign 3: Manipulation

The word manipulation can have many faces in a relationship but to put it in a nutshell- It’s overpowering the other person EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

toxic relationship signs

Your partner’s over-critical behavior!

Aggression mode on for showing displeasure!

Somehow turning it around on you for all that’s happening wrong in your relationship, and so on…

If it has become a routine, you must consider it among the worst toxic relationship signs

#sign 4: It Always Feels Hollow

Whenever you think about your partner or your relationship, all you can feel is emptiness and something gloomy that has managed to surround you.

You see happy couples around you, and it kills you (we aren’t saying you’re jealous, but you crave one such relationship for yourself too).

Simply a sense of satisfaction is all you look for when you’re in LOVE. If that primary feeling is missing, something is NOT RIGHT! 

#sign 5: It’s Somehow Always About Them

You achieved something big today? They have something stupid to boast of about too! 

You have something super-exciting to share? They have something to share too right in the middle of your conversation! 

Do you have a problem? Don’t worry because they have a bigger problem! 

If you spot such manifestations of narcissism in your relationship, toxicity alert ahead! 

#sign 6: No Has Become a Negative Word in Your Relationship

signs that you are in a toxic relationship

‘My way or highway attitude?’ Not happening! 

You say No to sex once and they withhold it for days as a punishment? 

You said you don’t feel like going to their friend’s birthday and had to deal with your partner’s silent treatment for a week? 

We all want to do the best for our partner, right? Sometimes YOU saying NO is the best thing for YOU that YOUR partner must take care of. If THEY are ignoring it for THEIR happiness, you know what your next step must be! 

#sign 7: Nothing in This Whole World Justifies Abusing Your Partner for Any Reason

This one goes clearly without saying. Happened once and you think it doesn’t matter much, it does.

Your partner calling you by name is one of the worst toxic relationship signs that’s unacceptable in any given situation.

A partner who abuses is not worthy of your love, commitment, and time. Run, mate! 

#sign 8: You Witness Your Self-esteem Strip Little by Little

Your partner is constantly denting your self-esteem without being sorry about it. Critical statements have somehow stepped into your relationship.

It’s not the worst. The worst is you being okay about it. Also, you are constantly making efforts to please your partner. Is that even required? It’s one of the early signs that you are in a toxic relationship. 

You tend to lose your individuality in such relationships that would never make a healthy relationship, ever. 

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#sign 9: You Are Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting for Things to Work and Get Better

If it’s meant to work, it will work. So keep this thing in mind. 

toxic meaning in relationship

If you have to keep waiting and that’s your excuse to stick to your relationship that it will work ONE DAY or SOMEDAY, you’re dragging yourself far away from the opportunities of being with someone who truly deserves you and your love. 

Putting efforts into your relationship to make it better is one thing, and waiting for broken things to fix is another. The latter one has no chances of survival. It will break- Sooner or Later. Therefore, be it sooner.  

Before the final words, it is vital to discuss.

Can a Toxic Relationship Be Healthy Again?

The reality, first of all, is if a relationship is running smoothly, both the partner’s back should be patted. 

Also, if the relationship turns out to be toxic, both the partner’s ears should be twisted. 

It would be 100% wrong to say that one partner is entirely responsible for everything that’s going wrong. 

Likewise, if you whole-heartedly feel that your relationship still has some potential left and things can turn out to be better again, you both must be equally involved. 

Sit back and analyze if the toxicity is bigger or your love. Also, ask yourself these questions, and the picture will be clear.

  • Do you want to be with this person?
  • Is this person willing to change?
  • Will this person contribute to my sense of purpose?
  • Will I forget what has happened in this relationship, and will it keep hurting me?
  • Do my dreams and goals align with my partner’s?
  • and so on…. 

If you have positive answers to all of these questions, you can 100% make your relationship work again. 


What Are the Red Flags in a Toxic Relationship That Says That’s It?

toxic sign

We would highly recommend never giving your relationship a second chance if you had to deal with these toxic signs in your relationship.

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Criticism
  • Ugly relationship fights

Do not keep gravitating back to your partner in the hope that things would be NORMAL or GOOD again if you had to deal with such toxicity. It’s over! 

You are important in the end. 

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve better.

You deserve to be in a beautiful relationship with the best partner. 

Therefore, run if your spot toxic relationship signs! 

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