5 Best Tips on How to Break Up With Girlfriend

break up with girlfriend

Breaking up is challenging in every possible way; emotionally, mentally, and physically. The two people involved in the breakup process have to go through a lot that could be super drenching emotionally.

Easier than said, if you don’t feel the connection anymore and things aren’t working out, break up with girlfriend is the ideal solution rather than pushing it for the sake of not hurting anyone.

We totally agree that it’s impossible to fully pacify the aftermath of a breakup, but there are still ways to lower the intensity that can lead to unbearable pain. 

If you’ve finally come to the conclusion that you want to break up with your girlfriend, here are the 5 best tips that would end up making you a compassionate, available, and understanding boyfriend if you manage to do things the right way. 

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Minimize The Heartache As Much As Possible

The harsh reality of a breakup is that it’s going to hurt, hurt a lot. It’s exactly like ripping off a bandage from a wound.

If it’s done all in one go, the pain is short-lived, and it goes quickly. However, if you take your time and rip it off slowly, the pain continues, and it could last.

Therefore, here are a couple of must-try things if you’re looking for how to break up with your girlfriend and leave her in as little pain as possible. 

how to break up with your girlfriend

  • Affection needs zero investment. Remember, you’re the one who’s going away, and it comes with some responsibilities. Therefore, never refrain from acts of affection like hugs, EVEN IF you don’t feel like it. If you are thinking about how it matters now, it does! 
  • You know breakup pain can stay for long, right? Therefore, it’s very, very crucial that you look for the right time. Never break up with your girlfriend when there is something important lined up in her life like a vacation, test, some sort of celebration, or something that’s very important to her. It is the least you can do. 
  • There’s no denying that breakups often turn ugly, and both parties end up saying mean things to others. However, if you genuinely want to see her in less pain, try not to argue. She might come up as an aggressive one in the whole process as someone being broken; you shouldn’t lose your cool. You mustn’t add to her anger by debating, belittling her, and arguing with her. 

Be Ready To Deal With A Range Of Emotions With Every Ounce Of Patience You Have

There could be a sudden flow of emotions you both have to deal with, like sadness, anger, frustration, lack of emotions, loneliness, etc.

It’s okay to feel that way, but what’s not okay is to hold them back. Let them come out in a way that’s not harmful physically or emotionally. 

On the other hand, it’s totally okay if there are no emotions for whatever reasons. Don’t force them. 

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She Deserves An Honest And A Truthful Explanation

You can’t be saying, LET’S BREAK UP and get done with it. It’s the worst anyone could do. She deserves an explanation, and you owe her one. 

If you don’t have a legitimate reason by chance, talk to your buddies and think about it. There has to be some reason that’s leading to break up with girlfriend, and presenting it to her in an assuring way is all that’s expected.

Of course, there’s no single time we say the reason must be perfect, but it should be convincing enough. Here’s something to consider. 

break up with your girlfriend

  • Do not present your breakup decision in a way that makes her feel like you woke up in the morning and decided to break up. Let her know that you thought about it through, and it’s the best for both of us. Back your decision with some facts and examples that would really help. 
  • If you think being aggressive and combative is the right thing at any stage of a breakup, get this misconception out of your head ASAP. 
  • Your breakup explanation should never, ever have references from other relationships. Each relationship is unique, and so was yours. 
  • One thing to consider is, even if you’re the one who’s breaking up and owe an explanation to her, she is equally involved in the entire thing. Don’t leave thinking now you’re done and it’s finally over. Stay there as long as SHE is not done. Let her process the sudden blow and be with her for answering her questions. 

Be Assuring

This episode might force her into believing that she is not worth a relationship anymore. It could have a negative impact, and it’s your responsibility to make her feel loved and wanted so she can start her life fresh. 

Talk about some of her best traits that attracted you to her and what made you keep going with her.

Keep giving reasons for her being an excellent girlfriend, and keep telling her she is not the reason behind you going away. It’s just the circumstances and things that didn’t work. 

It’s mandatory to bring her shaken confidence back. 

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Keep In Touch For As Long As It’s Required

Like most people out there feel, not talking immediately after the breakup is the best thing. The truth is, it’s not.

There could be some cases where it can be the right thing, but if you want to break up with your girlfriend the right way, here’s something to do.

how to break up with girlfriend

Unless YOU BOTH feel that now is the time to completely stop talking to each other, keep the option of conversation open.

It allows you more time to be sure about your decision; on the other hand, it calms her down a little more. 

Now let’s jump into some serious Don’ts that are related to the question of how to break up with girlfriend. 

  1. Never ever break up over a call, text, or email. That might mess things up.
  2. Do not play blame games. Instead, take responsibility and behave like a mature person. 
  3. Please do not bring your ex in. It’s about you two, and handle it with care. 
  4. Maintain dignity and respect. Do not gossip about it. 
  5. Avoid unpleasant texts or calls.

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Final Words:

Break up with girlfriend can be a long journey with ups and downs on the way. To avoid feeling lost, have a compass of ultimate break-up guide to make it smooth and less painful. 

We really hope these 5 tips will help you. Let us know in the comments below what you think about them. We would like to hear from you. 

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