“I Hate You” Messages and Quotes for Husband’s & Boyfriend’s: (Cheating and Betrayal)

quotes cheating boyfriend

If Love is the most beautiful feeling ever, betrayal and cheating in the same love can leave you heartbroken with an unbearable pain that can take days and months to heal. 

Deciding not to speak about it openly to your cheating bf or husband is a mature decision, but your heart wants to talk about it. Your heart wants to untrap the pain, right? 

Well, how about taking up your social media handles to channel your feelings in texts and messages? 

Release your pain with quotes cheating boyfriend or messages to a cheating boyfriend we are mentioning right here for you. 

#1 Cheating Quotes for Him

messages to a cheating boyfriend

  1. I never thought I would be able to hate you to the extent I hate you now. It’s limitless. Thank you for making me fall in love with you like crazy. Now, even this hate feels satisfying. Hate you to the moon and back! 
  2. Isn’t it magical how you turned out to be the person you said you’ll never be in your life? Thank you for disappointing me to the core. 
  3. Isn’t it ironic how I was always giving my warmest hugs to the coldest person in the world, and my soft kisses to the hardest soul? You know what’s real now- I HATE YOU! 
  4. Did you know that your voice once was the melodious music to my ears? Now I can’t take it even for a second. And do you know what? I am enjoying it. I HATE YOU. 
  5. You know why you could hurt me more than I could take it? It’s because I loved you more than I should have. Now listen up- I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU DESERVE. Such messages to a cheating boyfriend can bring a sense of calmness in you.
  6. Your love made me believe that we are a happy couple fishes in a pond living together happily. It was later that I realized that you were selFISH. 
  7. I never thought I would have a bitter-sweet breakup with you. It’s bitter because you humiliated my love and sweet because I will never have to see your face again. Isn’t that great, babe! 
  8. I gave you my heart, you crushed it. You were supposed to love it. I gave you my body, you humiliated it. You were supposed to cherish it. I gave you my soul, you killed it. You were supposed to embrace it. Such amazing reasons to hate you. 
  9. I never wanted a loser like you in my life. Thank you for making me regret my decision only to be extra careful the next time. Hope to never see you again. 
  10. I am sorry I made things difficult for you by loving you so much. It was me who loved you so much that made you lie to me every other day about how unhappy you’re in this relationship. Had I not been this way, you should have cheated on me way earlier, right. Don’t forget to send such lying cheating boyfriend quotes to your Mr. ex. 
  11. Please help me out in getting the answer to this question. The person who’s cheating is stupid or the person who’s beleieving is stupid? 
  12. You pushed me to the point where I no longer cared. Thank you for making it easy for me. 
  13. Cheating happens when the other person is busy chasing what they don’t have rather than focusing on the best they already have. 
  14. I deserve better. I always deserved better!
  15. The fact that I am single taught me that it’s far better than being with someone who’s a cheater. The feeling is liberating. 
  16. Cheating in a relationship is not cool. Leave if it has come to a point where cheating starts to feel normal. 

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#2 Karma Cheating Quotes for Him

karma cheating quotes for him

  1. You created your own Drama, you deserve your own Karma. Sooner or later, the Karma Chakkar shall get back to you. Till then, stay happy! 
  2. Please don’t look for the easiest meal on the Karma’s Menu. It has only one WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU GET dish on the list. Just wait for it. 
  3. When Karma will be standing right in front of your face to give you the hardest punch, I will be right there. What if it needs more energy. I will give it some. (wink)
  4. Hey, wanna hear something interesting? Karma is about to finish her drink and she was asking for your address. All the best! 

Such karma cheating quotes for him on your social media handles are definitely going to bring a smile on some faces. 

  1. Karma is like a rubberband. You shouldn’t have stretched your Karma this far. Now it’s going to smash your face harder. Cheating and lying in a relationship is not cool. 
  2. It was so hard for me to resist slapping you right on your face. So I decided I will let Karma do it for me. Wait and watch!
  3. Karma never loses an address. 
  4. I thought our love had no deadline. I was wrong! You think Karma has no deadline? You’re wrong! 
  5. What goes around comes back around. 
  6. I saw that. Said Karma! 
  7. Cheat with me and Karma is a bitch to set you up with someone who’ll cheat on you. Give and take!
  8. I could have easily dropped to your level to make you smell your own shit, but I will let Karma do it for me. 

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#3 Bonus: Girlfriend Cheating on Boyfriend Quotes

girlfriend cheating on boyfriend quotes

  1. I am hurt, broken, sad, angry, and disappointed. Still I am going to wear my biggest smile. I deserve to be happy- WITH YOU OR WITHOUT YOU. 
  2. I was always your option, and you were always my priority. Kudos to your guts.
  3. They say Never Be A Prisoner Of Your Past. You are my past and I feel like a free bird now.
  4. Once a cheater always a cheater. I feel sorry for myself for all the trust I put in this relationship. 
  5. It’s okay to cheat on a person but cheating on your own character is another level. Be true to who you are and always portray your real self. 
  6. All I have to say is that I had the right to know when you started disliking this relationship and me! 
  7. You were my whole world at some point. Now I don’t feel like co-existing with you in any given world. I hate you. 
  8. You left me for some other person, right? Please let me know how it feels when someone leaves you for some other person. 
  9. It’s sad to see the one I love happy with someone else. It is even hurtful to see the same person unhappy with me. Be happy! 
  10. I am finally trying to forget who loved me yesterday because it’s time to be with the one who’ll love me today! 

Filter out the messages & quotes cheating boyfriend that fits in your situation.

Be happy always!  

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