How To Be Forever Alone

Guys! Here’s how you change your relationship status to FOREVER ALONE.

    1. “I love chest chair” – said no woman ever!

If  you’re going to flaunt your piercing biceps and your gym-blessed 8 packs, look out for a hairy story weaving on your chest. Ladies totally eww that!
#ForeverAlone Formula # 342 (5)

    1. Every breath you take, I will be texting you. 

If she’s on your mind all day, how can you NOT let her know!  Do this to brace for a forever alone life with your silent phone.
#ForeverAlone Formula # 342 (4)

    1. Forever young and forever alone!

Shh… the secret of your ageless face is something the scientists are working on. But this ain’t gonna work with the ladies.
#ForeverAlone Formula # 342 (7)

    1. Cause Punditji knows best

How would you know she’s a good match, if you don’t compare gunas?  
*Must try*
#ForeverAlone Formula # 342 (6)

    1. Myyy keeeyyppaadd haasss feeeelingsss tooo  🙁

There’s a saying from 1812 BC- If you like someone you should let them know. But definitely, not in excitement level 9999999 or you’ll be block zoned in less than 3 secs!
#ForeverAlone Formula # 342 (3)

    1. Global warming ahead: This, my friend, won’t break but melt polar icebergs and you’ll be royally flushed away to ForeverAloneLand.

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