5 Signs the No Contact Rule is Working

5 signs the no contact rule is working

The no contact rule is by far one of the best ways to move on from a bad, traumatizing and difficult past.

It could be a little difficult to implement the no contact rule for those who had been strongly attached to their exes.

But, if you have decided to move on from the relationship but confused how. Then this is it.

We’re going to talk about the No contact rule male psychology as well as female psychology and the 5 signs the no contact rule is working on her for you.

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What is No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is a simple but hard-to-follow rule that says you have to cut off contacts with your ex for a period of 60 days post your breakup.

Sounds very hard. But, it is really important to ensure that you lay a strong foundation for your moving on process.

This means that you have to completely cut off all the ties between you and your ex.

So, you have to block your ex from all your social media, no meeting or seeing them, no messaging them, not going back to reading their messages, meeting with mutual friends, and things like that.

The no contact rule male psychology is a bit different. It’s often joked about how men find it easy to cut off ties with their ex immediately simply.

They will also suddenly be engulfed with the hysteria of sadness and anxiety after about a month or two.

And men can apply the no contact rule when they feel that they are now missing the person they broke up with.

On the other hand, the no contact rule female psychology is a bit different. Women find it hard to part ways from their ex immediately after a break (unless she had been completely tired of everything in her relationship.)

Hence, women need to implement the no contact rule as early as possible. And stick to it if you think it’s the dead end of the relationship you have built with someone.

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What are the 5 signs no contact rule is working for you

Measuring your progress of moving on from your ex could be a difficult task. But here are the 5 really simple signs that no contact rule is working for you.

Your ex wants you back

no contact rule

A major thing to notice when you are following the no contact rule is that your ex is going to crave your attention.

It would be completely shocking for them to see how you have completely blocked them from all your social media platforms, you are not posting anything sad, and ensuring that your emotions stay strong with you. 

People find you more attractive now

Now that you have decided to cut ties with your ex, a lot of people who know about your breakup will find it amazing to see your attitude towards your life.

There is nothing more attractive than seeing someone confident even after going through a breakup. The no contact rule will start filling you up with confidence.

Your ex is asking around about you

Another sign that the no contact rule is working for you is when you get to know that your ex is asking around about you.

Upon finding that your ex wants to know about your life post your breakup, you may suddenly get a strong desire to talk to him or her.

But, if your ex wants to talk to you, you should not take one or two steps to reply to them.

Your ex is sending you messages

5 signs the no contact rule is working

Another way to measure the no contact rule’s effectiveness is when you start receiving a text from your ex.

Your ex may surely try to send you a dot or an emoji to you on your WhatsApp or Instagram.

They may send you a message and delete it at night. Next morning, they will tell you it was a mistake.

It is also a sign that the no contact rule is working for you. But, you should also try to avoid any contact with your ex. Block them immediately.

You’re making efforts to make yourself happy

Another sign the no contact rule is working for you is that you are making efforts to keep yourself happy.

When you are doing things, starting something new, or doing anything, you are constantly asking yourself whether that particular thing would give you happiness or not.

This is also a clear sign that will tell you that the no contact rule is working fine on you.

These were the 5 signs the no contact rule is working for you. These were some of the things that are hard to observe for the people going through a breakup or its aftereffects.

But, you can still take the help of someone to tell you how you have been behaving with them.

Let us know how you liked this blog. If you are also looking forward to moving on, you should strictly use the no contact rule. This would be a great way to move on. 

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