11 Things To Do After A Breakup & Stupid Things You Shouldn’t

things to do after a breakup

OH, dear! So, did you break up with your partner last night? On the phone?!! Ouch!! Well, at least you can get some help of what not to do after a breakup, from the experts (yes ?), who have illogically, and foolishly practiced these dumb steps over and over again; after each ‘ouch’ break up they had!

So, in this blog, we will talk about the things to do after a breakup so that you avoid these 11 most stupid things we all do after a breakup.

1. Eating ice cream could be a good decision after a meal. But, excessive eating is bad. In this case, this super sweet thing won’t suffice your hurting heart!

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2. A perfect partner does not exist. And you shouldn’t expect what you see in the movies. Reality is miles away from fiction.

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3. Take it easy. Expecting a call from your partner who has just cheated on you or broke up with you, won’t be a good decision. It may not help you move on as well.

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4. Don’t. For God’s sake, don’t text your partner in anticipation of getting back together. This won’t be a good decision (in most cases). Instead, learn how to deal with a breakup and kindly stay off the radar of your ex.

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5. In most cases, it’s easily understandable that you were missing your partner. And this is why you “accidentally” called your partner. Again, not a good thing to do after a breakup.

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6. Right after a breakup, you should get rid of all the gifts your partner has given to you. Understandably, it may have been quite a difficult time for you both. But, if not throwing away, try keeping them off your sight.

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7. Burning may not be an environmentally feasible solution. But, you can still get rid of things, one by one. So, take your time, and do it!

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8. Keep off of his sweaty jersey. Throw it away immediately if you still have his clothes in your closet. Or be a little mature and ask him to come and take the clothes. Else you’ll donate it to the poor in your colony.

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9. Going days without showering. Triple Ewwwwww!! Seriously gal? Are you trying to give your Ex a competition or his refrigerator that houses 7 weeks old pizza?!!

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10. Some friendships never end. Unless you try to do so. So, kindly try not to avoid calls intentionally.

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11. In case your partner comes back in hopes of you taking pity on him. Come on! Do yourself a favor and get that fresh air. You deserve it.

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Live your life and don’t compromise on anything because your relationship with your ex didn’t work out. Maybe someone better than your ex is waiting for you?

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