5 Bollywood Tips On How To Move On From Your Breakup

Have you broken-up after a long-term relationship recently? Finding it really hard to get over that ex? Worry not, we are here to rescue you! Here are 5 Bollywood Approved Tips to move on from your break-up since this is real life, not a sad film story.

    1. Throw a break-up party!

Remember how Saif and Deepika celebrated their break-up with a party in Love Aajkal? You can also do that by throwing a break-up party! It doesn’t necessarily calls for your ex to be present there (not everyone breaks-up on good terms), you may just go to a club with your girls/dudes or invite your friends over for an awesome house party.

    1. Go on a vacay!

What’s better than going on that vacation you have been saving up for after a break-up? A vacation may be the best decision you ever take given that you don’t want to see your ex or go out to places where you may find him/her. You may choose an all boys Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara-inpired trip with your wolf-pack or you may go on a solo Queen-inspired holiday if you like. It’s your time for ‘Udhna, daudna, girna and no rukna’!

    1. Spend some quality time with family!

Who else to go to when you don’t even want to be with friends? Time spent with family is worth every second and you’ll come to realize the truth of this when go to them with a broken heart. Take a moment and read out this part of Sridevi’s speech from English Vinglish “Family … family can never be … never be … never be judgmental. Family will never put you down, will never make you feel small. Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses. Family is the only place where you will always get love and respect.” Enough said!

    1. Stop cringing and go out with friends!

We all love to bitch about an ex after a break-up, especially with our close friends. Even though your friends listen to your whining patiently, they may just hate it. So, instead of making your friends a part of your misery, go out with them, have some fun and meet some new people. Who knows by meeting someone new, you may just find your soul-mate. Haven’t you heardAaj Pooja, kal koi dooja”?

    1. It wasn’t you!

It really hurts when after putting so much time and efforts into a relationship it doesn’t work out like you wanted it to. But you need to stop blaming it on yourself. Get this in your head that ‘It wasn’t my fault’. What has happened, has happened. It’s in the past. As Varun Dhawan says in Main Tera Hero “Acha khasa Ranbir Kapoor mil raha tha, lekin inki kismat mai to Shakti Kapoor hi likha hai”. It was his or her loss. So cheer up!
As they say “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”. Life goes on, a break-up is not the end of the world. So take some time-off to discover yourself or maybe (if you are lucky) you’ll find your Mr. or Ms. Right just around the corner!
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