Meaning of Ghosting? 9 Reasons You Can Be the One Who Got Ghosted

what is the meaning of ghosting

Finds them cute, swipes right, and it is a match! They have obviously liked each other back too. It’s the way dating apps work, easy! There’s more to the story, and one element could be GHOSTING. What does ghosting someone mean? What is the meaning of ghosting someone ?

What if you get along well on the calls and texts today, sweet and steamy, but what after tomorrow and all the days after that? What we mean is that the person is gone, disappeared, and you are left with the ghosts of ghosting and just one question- WHY?

When someone ghosts you, all you get to see is their update via social media, and that’s it. They never slide in your DM the next. 

What is the meaning of ghosting In Texting

You are happily waiting for that text beep on your phone, notifying that the wait is over, but no! Things were going smoothly, and one day it was all over without any prior notification. 

Situations like these confuse you utterly, and your finding the answer to the question ‘what to do when your partner ghosted you’ becomes constant. Well, it’s OKAY that it’s their choice, but let’s help you with it! 

9 Common Reasons Why Ghosting Happens

  1. They were into you, but not anymore. 
  2. Technological convenience has made GHOSTING an easy trick to avoid people. 
  3. Sometimes it’s also the fear of hurting someone that people find ghosting an easy method to end things.
  4. Zero tolerance level. It can be the case where you might have said something wrong that made them ghost you. 
  5. Overwhelming situations like something that’s too good to be true. People find it unreal, and ghosting out of anxiety happens.
  6. Maybe now dating is not their priority. 
  7. They lack the understanding of how to end terms with people cordially that ultimately results in ghosting. 
  8. When the other person is expecting way too much and not matching your pace, ghosting is a common result in such situations. 
  9. Self-sabotage. Where the other person in the equation believes that you are too good for them. 

What To Do When Someone Ghosts You

  1. Trying to get back to someone who ghosted you is like pinning down a shadow. If they are ghosting you, accept it and move ahead. 
  2. What to do when a guy ghosts you? The best plan of action would be to ghost your ghost. What do you say? Whoever wants to be in your life should be welcomed, and who wants to stay away TATA. 
  3. The one who has ghosted you has already given you a valuable sneak-peek. If something bad happens to you, they’ll run away. Be happy about all this ghosting game. You are safe. 
  4. Now you know ghosting hurts, right? One thing to do when someone ghosts you is to take a pledge that you won’t ghost people in your life. End things on good terms. Talk, it’s the best way.
  5. Last but not least, do not jump to conclusions early on. It might not always be ghosting. Give them some time. 

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How To Avoid Ghosting 

We won’t say there’s much that you can do about people ghosting you, but one thing that you can surely do is be the most honest and humble version of yourself when you meet new people in life.

If now they are ghosting you, it’s their vision of judging people and perceiving them. It’s not your fault, and there’s nothing to feel bad about. Accept! 

We hope now you know meaning of Ghosting, and how common it is in the digital world. In the era of online dating, meeting people online, knowing each other through texts, you must be familiar with the situation and also be ready with your plan of action. 

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