Today Love Is Just a Tap Away, but How to Know if Someone Is Cheating?

How to Know if Someone Is Cheating?

How to Know if Someone Is Cheating?

Has ‘select and reject’ become the new route to love and forever after? Well, it’s trending, it is the rage, and many people are absolutely digging it.

And why not? It has opened a whole buffet of customized love options! With so many perks, there have to be some disadvantages too, right? 

He lied on his dating profile!!!!! 

She doesn’t look like she looked in her profile picture. 

S/He is nothing close to what his/her bio says. 

It was a trap! 

Well, does all this sound familiar to you? 

It’s the new world dating scene that’s not in your favor if such things have ever happened to you. 

In the digital era of dating, how to tell if someone is real on a dating site can be a task? It won’t be wrong to say that it’s kind of love at first sight, agree? Digital lovers, don’t let your heart hurt easily!

Verify the person you are talking to, have clarity from day one and be on the same page. Lying on dating profiles is ‘normal’, and you should be vigilant about it. Don’t believe every word you read.

Now c’mon. Let’s not be totally negative about it. Online dating also has amazing scope if it’s meant to be for you two. Who doesn’t know the ‘app love story’ of Yogi (Miss you, Irfaan Khan) and Jaya from Qarib Qarib Singlle!

They are the digital era Veer-Zara, Aman-Kartik, Rahul-Anjali, Romeo-Juliet, and Laila-Majnu in the uniqueness of their digital romance. They met through an app, they too had butterflies in their stomach, and traveled from ‘reel to real’ to meet, date, and get to know each other.

Conclusion: ‘tap wala’ love can totally sweep you off of your feet. 

It’s just one example of how online means can bring two compatible hearts together. Moving on… 

Not stereotyping, but the news is that girls luck out on dating apps. They have more options and chances of finding love, boys would agree. Now don’t get too disappointed, boys. A lot of you are on a lot of apps and in conversation with a lot of girls.

When you have options to scope out the best one, why not? Different apps and different people are your go-to mantra in the digital love season. Applicable to both genders. Remember, don’t fall for lying on dating profiles. Be smart enough to make out who’s genuine and who’s not. 

One online dating profile advice here for you would be: BE HONEST! Let your bio reflect your personality in a true sense, just like how you expect from other people. 

Now don’t be shy. Go forth and conquer!

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