11 Signs You Are Dating a Complete Jerk

signs you're dating a jerk

It is said you have to kiss a dozen frogs before you find your prince charming. True, isn’t it? Given the number of jerks you get to date, it must indeed be true. It is true that we have all dated a jerk.

You may be beautiful, intelligent, and an independent woman… Truly self assured. But still, you must have had the bitter taste of dating a complete jerk.

Here are 11 signs you’re dating a jerk and it’s time to get out of this relationship.

#1 He hardly listens to what you are talking about and keeps looking at your bosom

jerk-1-disney-mouth-watering-lust-dragon-yummy-lostImage source/ Paramount Pictures

He is a total jerk, all he wants is your body. He doesn’t care what you are talking about, no matter what you are discussing something important about your life. 

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#2 He doesn’t even care if you notice him checking out other girls but in fact tells you how hot your waitress is.

jerk-2-akshay-5-her-10Eros International

Even if you caught him checking out other girls, this won’t bother him at all. This is a sign he is a jerk and he is not serious about this relationship.  

#3 It always takes him hours to text you back and never takes your call the first time but definitely sticks to his phone even on a date with you

jerk-3-phone-irritated-annoyed-date-prewedding-photoshoot-coupleImage source (image used for representation purpose only)

#4 He only makes plans with you at the last minute, probably because his friends are busy or he’s got nothing else to do on a weekend.

jerk-4-dev-d-abhay-inappropriate-cheap-phone-couple-dateImage source

You are definitely not his priority but the last choice for him to spend the weekend with.

#5 He doesn’t care even if he knows you are upset.

jerk-5.1-sad-waiting-for-call-check-phone-bored-textImage source

When you are sad, It’s not his concern about how you feel- it’s time for you to run away from this relationship. He thinks its not his concern 

#6 He manages to forget his wallet every time you two go out.

jerk-6-what-casual-dont-care-whatever-salmanImage source

You will be paying most of his bills because he doesn’t want to spend a single penny on you.

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#7 You have never met anyone from his personal life and he always waves off the idea of you both hanging out with his pals.

jerk-7-oh-no-face-palm-shit-restaurant-saif-deepika-love-aaj-kal-wtfEros International

Here is a big red flag girl, if you haven’t met any of his friends yet this means he doesn’t want you to meet them. 

#8 He stood you up on a date or tried ghosting you in the past..


Trust us, in this case, we would say you are not only dating a jerk but he is a big-time coward too. 

#9 He never appreciates you for all your efforts.

jerk-9-worried-chot-ignored-bhav-sonakshi-holidayImage source/ Reliance Entertainment

You never feel appreciated by him even if you have spent hours getting yourself perfect for him starting from your exquisitely done hair to freshly French pedicured toenails.

#10 In this case, he is being rude and does not leave a chance to upset you.

jerk-10-movie-hall-gf-bf-argue-annoyed-irritated-priety-aamir-dil-chahta-hai1Image source/ Excel Entertainment

#11 He doesn’t respect you or your dreams of becoming the best artist.

jerk-11-srk-ddlj-make-fun-tease-laugh-embarass-kajolImage source/ Yash Raj Films / featured image source: Yash Raj Studios

When he doesn’t show any interest or he laughs in your face when you have told him about your dream to become the best artist in the world ever known.

He is giving you all the signs you’re dating a jerk and you deserve somebody who respects your & your dreams.

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