Signs that Shows He is an Emotionally Unavailable Man

emotionally unavailable man

“Emotionally unavailable people see a relationship as a source of comfort — something to occupy their time until something better comes along.” – Unknown

Is your man’s behavior unpredictable or confusing? Do you feel that somewhere that an emotional-angle in your love life is missing or you two are unable to connect like you should have? Well, there may be a chance that you are dating an emotionally unavailable man.

To connect with each other on a deeper level, two people must share an emotional bond. If despite you willing to open up in front of him emotionally, he comes out as an emotionally packed boyfriend, take the red flag seriously and be ready for either of the solutions mentioned below.

Address the issue, talk to him, give him time, and let things fall into place. And if not, you must leave. There Is No Third Option! 

You must know that the scenario of dating an emotionally unavailable man is not always him being abusive or cranky or aggressive or manipulative or cheater or a jerk. He must be the most sorted, most funny man out there, but his emotionally closed off behavior bothers you the most. 

Let’s take you on a trip down to 10 Red Flags in a relationship that clearly indicates that he is an emotionally unavailable boyfriend. If not all but five to six matches your current emotional relationship status, there is a need to go with either of the solutions. Keep Reading! 

Lack of Serious Conversation Between You Two

If you bring up something that is important to you and probably serious as well, but he laughs at you and makes you feel stupid about brining it up, you have wrong hopes with an emotionally unavailable boyfriend. 

Mr. Perfect But He Is Not Willing To Give Commitment

emotionally closed off

You must have met this man who seems to be a perfect life partner or boyfriend to you. He must be giving a lot of compliments to you, and always trying to impress you, and make it look like everything is perfect, but is a commitment phobic.

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Loving someone unconditionally means confiding in them physically, mentally, and EMOTIONALLY. He always says that He Loves You Unconditionally but is afraid of making a commitment. Please watch out! 

When His Primary Emotion Is Anger

If you are familiar with his Aggression and Frustration more than his emotional side, he is an emotionally unavailable partner you should think of going ahead with. 

One thing to note here is that anger is not Always a sign of him being an emotionally unavailable partner. If his anger is also a part of all other emotions that makes your relationship strong, do not Overthink! 

Something Is Bothering Him But He Chooses Not To Open About It In Front Of You

emotionally unavailable boyfriend

You: Hey, how are you? Everything Okay?

Him: Yes, Absolutely. (when you can clearly tell he is not OK)

If such conversations become a common trend in your relationship, and he always chooses not to discuss his emotional turmoil with you, you aren’t going far with this emotionally unavailable man. 

He is a Self-Centered Man

You fall for a person’s “self-confidence,” and over time, it turns out to be something else, maybe self-centered nature. He is always talking about his achievements, his own concerns, his life, knows how to control a conversation, and barely talks or takes interest in what is happening in your life. 

The chances are that you are involved with an Emotionally Closed Off man, and you are blocked from entering his head and heart.  

Being self-centered can be a defense mechanism to keep control of how emotionally he wants to get involved with you. If you are the listener in your relationship, please walk off. 

You Do Not Like His Behavior With Other People

Rude with waiters? You didn’t like the way he talked to the homeless lady at the stoplight when you last went for a long-drive? Or it crosses your mind that he should have a filter of politeness in his mouth. 

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Well, one attribute of an Emotionally Unavailable Man can be a not-so-empathetic behavior with other people. 

All He is Serious About in the Relationship is SEX

how to flirt with a girl

Sex is an important element of a relationship. It can make the relationship stronger for a woman and an emotionally involved man. But for an Emotionally Unavailable Partner, it’s just SEX and nothing else.

If sex or physical intimacy tops his priority list more that your emotional bonding, your quality time together, and other cute relationship stuff like eating out, surprises, going on a date, and hanging out casually, you must raise an eyebrow and take the red flag seriously. 

Talks About His Past Relationships And How He Was Hurt Way Too Much

A man who talks too much about his past relationships and how he was hurt is not ready to emotionally connect with you and has blocked everybody to enter that zone of his life. Not to take this in a negative way, he is trying to build a wall to protect himself from a heartbreak again. 

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Such an emotionally unavailable man can be won again by your unconditional love and by making him realize that you won’t break his heart ever again. 

Always Looking For Flaws

Consciously or Subconsciously, an Emotionally Closed Off man sabotages the relationship by always pinpointing the flaws that justify his behavior. You will be often accused of being too demanding, too emotional, too romantic, or be it any trivial thing that should not be even noticed. Toxicity can be a trait of an Emotionally Unavailable Partner you should be careful of. 

He Even Lacks an Emotional Connection With Himself

It is a well-known fact that pages of emotional vocabulary in a man’s dictionary is way too less than that of a woman. 

Not only do they suffer from a hard time displaying their emotions to the world, but also to themselves. Such men can turn out to be an Emotionally Closed Off partner, but the difference is, many will put in their efforts to make the relationship work. Have patience and trust in them. 

Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Man can be a slippery slope that is not recommended. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a chance if they are willing to make it work. 

A perfect relationship is two sides of the same coin which makes it valuable and complete. Spot the red flags in your relationship and if you think they can be worked out by creating a safe space for them to make them feel comfortable and share the real them with you, be the support!

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