How to Understand Girls – Key Tips To Understand Women

how to understand girls

What women want? Why are they so hard to understand? How to understand girls? They say it is impossible to understand a woman. 

Hold on! Do you feel the same?

Understanding women is a journey which many men want to take or they must take because what they think women are (generally), they are actually not. It is not a tricky task at all once you throw all the assumptions out of the window and try to understand what’s going on behind the surface. 

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Whether she is your girlfriend, a family member, acquaintance, friend, or a girl you know casually, during the process of understanding women, treat her as an individual and not the opposite sex you have heard millions of things about. Eventually, you will have a clear grasp on who a woman is, how she thinks, what she goes through, what are the problems she faces which might be out of your understanding, and so on. 

Try to understand the five steps mentioned below and unveil the answer to the question: How to understand girls?

Do Not Commit The Mistake Of Making Assumptions

how to understand girls

Gentlemen, do not ALWAYS try to understand a woman from a Gender prospect. Falling for millions of general assumptions or preconceived notions on women out there WON’T help. 

Remember, she is an individual being, with her own life stories, her own thought process, life experiences, and circumstances that have shaped her. Understanding women, in that case, requires getting to know her better, understanding her perspective, and putting yourself in her shoes.

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Talk To Her, Perceive Communication As a Process

Communication is the key, they say. Well yes! Also, women adore positive and good conversationalists.

There may be chances that you and your partner think and talk variously. But to reach the same level of understanding, keep on listening, keep on putting questions, keep on answering questions, keep on talking, and eventually, things will work out.

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If you’re not willing to come outside of your personal box, it would be a complex task for you to understand her. If you can’t relate with something or if something is unfamiliar to you, doesn’t mean it’s untrue. In that case, do not just listen to her, try to understand where she is coming from. Now, how to understand girls? Interaction with a woman can help you gain new perspectives, understand women’s issues, and some common gender stereotypes.

how to understand women

You can also educate yourself on various issues a woman faces. Though we live in a society where men and women are treated equally, both the genders have different challenges to face, which builds every individual in his/her own unique way.

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To conclude, without any other motivation than knowing her, do not only talk to her for the sake of it. Try to have a conversation where she opens about certain things she expects you to understand and you fulfil her expectations. 

Do You Think You Can Read Body Language? If yes? How to Understand Women Becomes an Easy-Breezy Thing

Let’s dive direct into some of the examples:

  1. If she makes eye contact or she smiles when she is looking at you, maybe she is interested in you. 
  2. She might be feeling shy or nervous when she is looking at the floor or crossing her arms.

These are simply some examples but understanding her body language makes the task easy for all the boys out there.

Keep reading for some other solutions to the question: how to understand women?

To Understand Someone’s Thought Process Which Is Different Than Yours, Try A Different Way Of Thinking

You wouldn’t agree more with the fact that men and women “Are Different.” For instance: Women’s approach to things is more emotional, whereas men’s is logic. Though many men and women break this presumed set of notion, we are taking a general approach here. 

We will talk about how to understand a man in another blog, but here we will focus on how to understand women?

Continuing with the above-stated instance, though logic works for you, try understanding women emotionally. Even if you have a well-known fact to prove her wrong, her heart can be right too.

Good News! This has a benefit for you. In a team, you guys will be unbeatable. A perfect blend of emotions and logic, Bravo!

Consider Asking Questions From Her

understanding women

Ask Her Questions Like:

  • Where do you see yourself in the next few years professionally?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • What makes you happy?
  • Your favorite pastime?
  • Your thought on this particular issue or your thought on marriage and so on.

Such questions give you an insight of a girl’s way of thinking and how she feels about certain things in life. As a matter of fact, you trying to understand a woman is a fifty-fifty thing. You are equally involved.

Avoid getting too personal as it might make her uncomfortable. 

The crux is: Be patient, Be empathetic, Be aware, Be Attentive, Be conscientious, and have an open-minded approach. Rest, the things will fall into place. 

If women are complicated, so are men. Understanding women or a woman trying to understand a man is a two-way thing.

Taking the first step or trying is half the work done. We agree that you may not be able to reach there entirely, but just willing to do understand and helping women is a huge step forward. 

A relationship is a complete process with so many ups and downs, lovely moments, and there are so many unanswered questions too. If you are also seeking answers to such questions with some relationship advice, drop them here and we shall provide you with some helpful solutions.

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