How to Start Sexting With A Girl Without Making It Look Awkward

how to start sexting

Hi, it’s Niki….

Always say meow instead of hello.

The best things in the world are felines, chocolates, mermaids and beaches.

If I had an empty head, as some folks say I do,

I’d sweep out all the cobwebs and rent it out to you,

And have you fill it up with all the things you say and do,

Then I’d offer twice the price and rent it back from you.”

You’ve been texting. He’s cute, she’s funny, there’s a little bit of flirting, you hearted him, he hearted you, it’s all good in the hood.

Now you want to get down to a little bit of the dirty flirty – sexting – and you’re not entirely sure how to broach it without coming off as a total douche canoe.

Some of you may be smoother than a silver unicorn’s tail at the art of text-seduction, but others might need a little push on the how-to’s and to-do’s of written kink.

And this is why we are writing about how to start sexting with a girl that doesn’t go wrong or feel offensive.

how to start sexting with a girl

When Should You Start?

Not right away, but there’s no defined timeframe for when to begin, and not like flirting, the same rules apply to sexting – testing the waters to see where you stand.

Plus, it’s over the delicate veil of technology, so really, you have to seduce the mind first. It’s online dating; you know they’re already into you and not looking for a pen pal.

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What Should You Say?

It is always important for online dating – regardless of sexting or not – to never say anything you wouldn’t in real life.

A big no-no is exploiting the benefit of fiber optics to appear as you aren’t. You’re going to meet this person, and you don’t want to give off self-delusional supremacy.

Also, a big yes yes to the little colon and bracket. Winks are the best – playful, flirty, and let the person know you’re light about what you said.

How to start sexting with a girl, the basic way. Things like, “I just got out of the shower” – ladies and good men, this line gets the mind racing. What? Shower?

Are they naked? What do they look like? Should I ask? Are there beads of water on his body? Is her hair all sexy and wet? Oh, hot damn.

how to start sexting

When things get a little more comfortable, try, “What are you wearing?” You know, from behind the pixels of your screen, this can be innocent.

Be honest in your response – “Jeans, white t-shirt, pink bra.” Nonchalance is key. And with their answer, you’ll know how far they are along on the sexting train.

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how to start a sext conversation

Try this – “I’m heading out with friends, should I wear this little black number or this one shoulder and jeans?” How to start sexting with a girl without a vulgar start?

You need to create visuals, use adjectives and descriptions -start with clothes, always a safe bet – first, it makes them think you like them enough to involve them in your decision; second, you might find out what they like in you.

I think you’ll look killer in the black dress, maybe wear it with me sometime?” Again, imagining you in something he picked will get his hormones racing.

Now that you know how to start sexting, you should graduate from clothes, use words that have sexual connotations – “I’m eating chocolate covered strawberries” or “whipped cream”; “I’m watching basic instinct in bed.”

Use words like wet, drenched, tongue, thighs, juice, sexy, coming, dripping, lips, red, creamy. Casually slip them in. Create sexual innuendos, double entendres. Use your imagination!

You’re not a sexting aficionado; it’s okay to be cliché. Your e-kink capabilities are only as limited as your vocabulary.

Tell them you think they’re sexy, casually. That’s a sure shot stepping stone to sexting, establishing that you already find them sexually attractive along with loving their hobbies on their profile.

how to start sexting with a girl
how to start sexting with a girl

EMOJIS ARE THE BEST. If you’ve been figuring out how to start sexting, you should be using emojis.

Now, if you’re really shy and can’t initiate the whole forming sexy sentences thing, try using the little funny yellow men to fool around.

Kissy lips, love hearts, cacti – the unwritten symbol for sexual arousal. If she doesn’t know what it means, tell her.

With a little tease, a bold sentence, or an emoji, you will be able to gauge their sexual wavelength and whether they’re ready for a little online foreplay.

After this initiation, the world is your oyster. Be bold, be shy – coyness is underrated. Please do not delude yourself into thinking you can’t do it, or you’re not sure how they’ll respond, go for it! They would want you to. 

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