Things You Should Refrain From Saying When You Are Dating

things to never say on a first date

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First dates are always a junction of mixed feelings. At one point you’d be very excited and paranoid the very next moment about what not to do on a first date.

Yes, more than you should be worrying about what would make your date feel good, be equally aware of what can make your date regret going out with you. More than anything else, the words you choose to speak should be filtered.

Conversation is the key to any good relationship. It can spark something beautiful. That’s why talking is great, but if you don’t know where to stop, it could cause trouble.

Here’s a bunch of things you should absolutely refrain from saying when you’re dating someone. Here are your tips for a successful first date too. 

Dos and don’ts first date.

#1 Go Prepared For This Trick Question That Can Be The Game Changer!

“Am I looking fat?” is a trick question, boys. If you think answering truthfully will get you brownie points, you’re highly delusional.

No, she does not look fat, she looks beautiful and that’s how you survive. This is one of the dating mistakes men make and wonder why she isn’t picking my call. 

dating mistakes men make

#2 You Can’t Be Saying NO!

No is a very strong word. Try to avoid it as much as you can. You can find a better way to say it. Like, “I’d love to but maybe some other time,” or “Maybe we should try the other Chinese restaurant this time.”

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This shows that you acknowledge what your partner has to say, but you have your own opinions as well. It will help you build a good positive relationship.

dos and donts first date

#3 Things To Never Say On A First Date? Your Ex For Sure!

You’re really adventurous if you feel the need to remind your date how great your EX was. She’d be like, you should have gone out with her instead.

Sometimes it’s best to let bygones be bygones and to look at your new relationship from a fresh perspective.

Every time you are tempted to bring your ex in the conversation, here’s a #ProTip – Abort mission. When they ask topics to avoid on first date, the one that tops the list is EX. 

topics to avoid on first date

#4 Did You Look At Him?

Of course, she did, but when you point it out, you’re in for a lot of trouble. This is one of the things to avoid on first date even if you do notice. Remember, it’s your first date guys, no commitments from both ends. Have your options open (wink). 

things to avoid on first date

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Though these tips have to do a lot with men saying the wrong things, there are some things that women should avoid too. For instance:

Are you really wearing that shirt?

Lose the hat.

What sort of friends do you have?

I really don’t get football.

What’s a bro code?

Avoid these judgmental lines and believe me, you will be a blessed woman!

Dating isn’t an easy job. It takes effort and planning and strategy. You have to tread on thin ice. So watch what you say, and hopefully, these tips have enlightened you a little bit on how to date a girl and the things you must avoid saying. 

If you have a few lines to add to this list, feel free to write in the comments below to enlighten young girls and boys about what not to do on a first date.

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