How to Seduce a Man – 7 Sure Shot Ways

how to seduce a man

Let’s be honest. Seducing someone could be the most difficult thing to do. There’s excitement in the environment, a thrill rushing down your spine, an anticipation of things, and lots more. And when none of these things are met, you feel disappointed and oftentimes question yourself whether you did it the right way or not. And this is why we are writing this blog to tell you how to seduce a man in the right way possible.

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Maintain an eye contact

how to seduce a man

If there’s anything that’s the most seducing in this world, it’s eye contact. A lot of people often shy away from maintaining eye contact. No matter what you’re doing to impress or seduce him, if you play right with your eyes, you are sure to make the best impact. If we tell you how to seduce a boy, make it a note to do a thing or two with your eyes. Not necessary that you have to continue doing it.

Make sure you look directly into his eyes when he is talking to you. It may make him uncomfortable at times and be difficult for you as well. But try looking in his eyes for a second or two longer than usual.

Look better than usual

No matter how you look, seducing is all about looks. If you don’t present yourself the right way, you can often miss the right spot most of the time. Wear clothes that enhance your curvy looks, or your other features.

Most of the times, when it’s about seducing a guy, most of the work can be done with the help of a beautiful or deep cleavage. Nothing turns on a guy like a cleavage which is only presented for his lusty eyes. 

Don’t be afraid to test your looks. Be sure that if you dress in a particularly revealing way, you aren’t termed bad in his good books. Keep in mind that what you wear should also be easy for you. Keep a balance between being sexy and comfortable.

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Talk about personal things

How to seduce a boy on text messages? Talk about a lot of personal things. Okay! So that’s not how it usually is. You need to understand the tone of conversation you are having. Most probably, you’re gonna have to talk about such things late at night when he’s not occupied by other things and not disturbed.

You can ask him things that he found attractive in his last crush or a celeb. Next, you’re surely going to understand how to play along the game of words. One of the things about seducing your boyfriend in messages or any other guy in texts is that you need to be solely devoted to talking to each other on message before you know whether he’s really getting seduced or not.

Touch him here and there

One of the things about seducing someone is via something that triggers some of those senses. Touching appropriately here and there could be one of the things to seduce a boy. But make sure you are not overdoing it. Figuring out how to seduce a boy could be difficult. And touching often could make it awkward. So, try touching only when it feels natural and not intentional.

Be sure you are not touching your partner inappropriately as it becomes a big turn off for anyone. So try not to invade anyone’s privacy.

Get alone with him

how to seduce a boy

Let’s say you are meeting him with some of your common friends. A good way to seduce him would be to get him off the crowd. When he’s not with his friends, you get all the more freedom to be who you are with him. Allow yourself to hold hands with him and this itself would give you a sense that he’s complacent with whatever’s happening.

Also, if the guy struggles with PDA, holding hands with him would itself be a difficult thing for him. So, all you have to do is, keep it however it is.

Send sexy snaps and upload personal stories exclusively for him

how to seduce your boyfriend in message

When someone knows that they are receiving a particular set of images exclusively themselves, they feel special. And if you really want to know how to seduce a man on text messages, start sending sexy snaps or uploading stories which are only visible to him. Exclusivity holds a lot of depth and oftentimes, seduction. 

Text him and let him know that watching a particular video on Instagram got you thinking about him. What could be more seducing for someone than knowing that someone thinks of them in a romantic way? You can send him a provocative (but not much revealing picture) online. 

Make him chase you a little

It’s a universal truth that it’s mostly the guys who chase a woman. And you being a girl, you can also let him do a little work. Set a few goals which he can achieve. Nothing really that is too hard to do. You can do a few things that provoke him to take a few steps, and you just sit back and enjoy what happens next?

But, at the same point of time, you need to ensure that you are being supportive for him. If at any point he feels discouraged, he may end up making efforts and simply leave the conversation for the day.

So this is how to seduce a man on text or even in real life. Let us know how you liked this blog. Have you also tried seducing a man? How has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below. 

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