Women Talk About Sex…Get Over It!

We have all, at some point dealt with taboos related to sex. One such taboo is women talking about sex. It’s as if uttering the S word suddenly sends people around us, especially the men into some kind of shock.
Love matters, in collaboration with Rasta Delhi organised an event for women’s day on the 7th of March,2018.  The event was centered around the theme “Women Talk About Sex.. Get Over it!”
The event was a combination of various open mic performances where women from different backgrounds, age groups and sexual orientation came together and spoke about different sexual experiences, about abuse and harassment and even misogyny. In addition to there being a small stand up comedy set and skit where women shared their experiences, there was a lot of engagement with the audience. Various formats including story telling, dance and music were used to communicate various experiences.
At regular intervals, the host would call out to the audience ask them to scream out the word “sex” in order to make the audience more comfortable with word.
The agenda, however, was to understand why women talking about sex or discussing it is still considered taboo.  Love matters aims to address these issues and also aim to answer questions pertaining to love, relationships, sex and sexual health.

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