How to Turn On a Girl or Boy

how to turn on a girl

Something fresh and raw always keeps the excitement bar high. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is fresh or not; keeping your sex game on point is the fragrance that will make your relationship fresh for years and years.

Your partner’s naughty side comes out when you hit the right button.

Therefore, whenever the question of turning on a girl hits your mind, try something from the below-mentioned tips and be sure to get the results as expected.

Say It All With Your Clothes!

According to this age-old saying: Dress to Impress! But here, use how you choose to dress up to turn your man on and give wings to his imagination (of course, in a naughty way).

If wearing clothes that are too revealing and forcing you to come out of your comfort zone; is not your style or not what you would prefer, do it within your comfortable bubble in your own style. Make some slight changes in your dressing style to tease him like a top/dress with a neck little deep, an off-shoulder dress with your bra straps showing, a mini skirt with a cute short top to give him a glimpse of your tummy, and anything that is a mix of decency and sexy enough to arouse him.

how to turn on a girl

Leave some room for his naughty imagination. Do not give him all. It all starts with imagination, and by revealing it, all upfront will snatch from him that surprise element.

Another dressing hack answer for how to turn on a guy is RED. After all, red wine, red rose, red lipstick, red lingerie, etc. are symbols of sex and romance. A little red dress or you covered in red from top to bottom is sexy enough to turn the heat on.

Texting Techniques To Turn On Your Girlfriend Over Text

Many guys find it difficult and often wonder how to turn on your girlfriend over text in a complete absence of physical presence. The rule is: It is not about you only. It is also about the feelings SHE arouses in you. Talk about it rather than simply doing some casual sex banters she is not interested in.

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Start by sending across the messages about how attracted you are towards her and what you want to do with her. This will make her comfortable to share her side of the desires, too, which is sexy enough to heat things up even when you two are “not together”. The results will be declared in your next meeting (wink).

Keep these pointers in mind when trying to turn on your girlfriend over text:

  • Choose the right words
  • Even if it’s over text, consent is important
  • Exchange sex jokes and stories
  • Double meaning conversation will hit it right
  • Talk according to the mood
  • Sexting, new buzz these days
  • Narrate a dirty dream you had last night of yours with her 
  • If it’s a relationship you have been in for years now, talk about the initial years where everything was new, raw, sexy, and spicy. This, without a doubt, is a turn on conversation you two must-have. 

The same applies to all the ladies out there. Make your men hot and steamy with all those texts he would have never imagined from your side. Your dark side will make him think of you 24*7.

You can even try some spicy and hot texting games.

  • Fill in the blanks: Give your partner a sentence to complete as per his choice. Example: If I were next to you, I would _________.
  • Send Pictures: Not so soon; it has a twist. Send a closeup picture of anything around you like the curtain, a closeup of your bra, or your body part, and enjoy the guessing game.
  • Guess what your partner is doing: Do something with yourself and let your partner guess it. This game will turn the imagination on and, ultimately, the mood.
  • Playing it with the emojis: Use your imagination to make double meaning puzzles out of the emojis. Guess it right and, in return, ask for a gift (wink).

There are countless games for you to play and enjoy your private time with your partner.

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A Cozy, Sexy Atmosphere To Turn The Mood On

The evergreen question of how to turn on a boy or a girl should have an evergreen solution too.

Are you two very busy in your respective work lives? Your intimate relationship life needs the exact amount of attention. Don’t forget to play it right when you two want to have that playful night full of lust, foreplay, and intimacy. Create a sexy space, and set the mood up.

For indoors: curtains down, candles, soft lights, a game set up, sensual music in the background, and dressing up for your partner. Wear what your partner likes. Talk naughty, do naughty, behave naughty, and let the night load with all the wild dreams you two ever had for each other.

Even outdoors or on dates, to be precise, build the heat. Find a cozy, comfortable corner in a restaurant or bar, sit close, share your sex desires, and let the night roll.

This will keep the Mood On for the following nights too.

Try Some Sexy Bed Time Games

how to turn on a boy

These days, boys and girls like to experiment with everything they do, and sex and intimacy are no exception. There are plenty of games you can get involved in privately and switch the mood on a fresh concept for couples. Check out the list of games below and keep your set-up ready!

  • Do it or remove it: Give each other one task or ask anything you want to know about each other that might be very confidential. If you manage to answer or do it, you are safe.Otherwise, one clothing item must come out.
  • Guess it while you are Blindfolded: This one is especially played to turn the mood on. The blindfolded partner will be made to lick any body part of the other partner, and he/she will have to guess it right.
  • Lucky you with the numbers on Dices: This game requires a little planning but adds the spiciest foreplay in your boring routine sex. The numbers of one dice would mean the body part, and the numbers of the other would mean the action like kiss, bite, touch, or massage.

You can even invent games and enjoy every bit of it.

How To Turn On A Girl Physically

Unlike women, it can be a little tricky for men to press the right button to switch on their mood. Literally, a plump tomato is enough for a man to get into the mood (LOL). But boys, you must work hard to get your girl to crave for you.

Physically teasing and touching her the right way works like wonder to get your girlfriend in the mood. But again, do your homework. There is no rule book you can buy and apply. It can be different for different women. There are chances that one act that turns on one woman can trigger anger in the other. So please, watch out!

Some Physical Acts To Turn Her On

how to turn on a guy

Other than simply talking on text, here are a few things you can do in real life which will help you turn her on!

  • Talk about your intimate time. Ask her what she liked the most, and what was the best part. Do it whenever you get some private time with her, rest, you know (ahem).
  • A soothing, intimate HUG for twenty seconds. It might not sound sexy; the results are amazing. Do not miss a hug from behind. It’s a real turn-on, boys.
  • In a public setting, a dinner party of dinner, whisper something sexy in her ears. Never miss an opportunity to tease her under the table. Never!
  • Build up over rushing. Follow the steps and start with casual touching here and there.
  • Kiss passionately whenever you get the opportunity to seize her lips.
  • Exchange fantasies. Your girl would love to hear it and imagine it—an ultimate turn-on moment whenever she recalls the conversation.
  • Gift her a very sexy dress. She won’t mind it being a little revealing.

After learning the tricks of how to turn on a guy or a girl, are you ready for turning your monotonous days into something exciting? Make your life easy, spicy, sexy, full of love and passion.

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