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2020 is all about staying indoors! In this phase of Pandemic and Quarantine, Virtual is the new real. The traffic on the dating apps is jam-packed. But the question is How To Date During Quarantine, Virtually Or Indoors?

From schools to colleges to offices to meetings, everything has come behind the screen, so why not Dating? This might sound weird or not so romantic like a conventional date but some good Quarantine Date Ideas with a little bit of planning and a lot of love can make it extra special.

Here are 5 Quarantine Date Night Ideas to spice up your love life or even long distance relationship because dating can and must go on even now. About the excitement level, we bet it will be even more than before. 


quarantine date night ideas

With the stress level skyrocketing in 2020, couples have been put on test. They want to come out of this lockdown phase with their relationship intact but somehow things are not working out for both the category of couples, living together or living apart. 

Let’s blame some silent relationship killers: Overthinking, absence of physical touch or frequent meetings, too much involvement in each other’s work, too much nagging, and the list can go on. 

What is the solution? It is effort, love, some good time together (obviously other than the one you are already spending), care, and a heart to heart chill lovey dovey conversation. And not to forget the questions to ask on first date. Okay! Let’s not stretch this. The answer is, A Lovely Quarantine Date. 


how to break the ice with a girl

Let’s start by borrowing something from the normal traditional dating days and give it a Quarantine Touch. 

Watching a movie together is the second most popular dating idea so why not carry this dating culture to the virtual world?

Watching the same movie together at the same time offers a sense of togetherness at that very moment you both are spending in doing the same exact thing. You can even facetime each other to discuss a movie scene or watch each other’s expressions.

Not only movies, there are so many web series or shows you can binge watch together during mid-night with your favorite snacks, let it also be the same. 

To make it even more fun, you can convert it into a Theme Date Night and dress up accordingly.

Such Quarantine Date Ideas are cool and best for couples not staying together and couples living together, both.

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how to date during quarantine

You can call it one of the most fun Quarantine Date Ideas.

Pick one or two fun activities from a list of activities you both like to do like painting, drawing, making scrapbooks, a fun game, cooking, or anything, even something silly or kiddish, that hits your mind that very moment. Turn around the environment and make it challenging. Compete with each other and make sure you win. 

Again, this activity will be super fun for couples online as well couples stuck in Quarantine in their homes. 


quarantine date ideas

A safe quarantine date idea. Isn’t it? 

Do not plan this date, let the day plan for you. Take the things as they come. Only enjoy being with your boo with your hands in your partner’s hands and some romantic background music. 

Explore the city in the silence of the night, talk, and throw all your relationship problems out of the window. But also make sure that you are not going in any crowded area or any place that’s anywhere near to lockdown zones.


quarantine relationship problems

For all the couples who have had too much of each other these days, obviously in a not so romantic way, what about a cozy indoor date night? 

Terrace, some crazy lighting and decoration, wine, food, cuddling, cozy blankets, and only you and him. 

This ensures intimacy and some quality time together. A quarantine date you must set up for her or him. 


online dating safety tips

Meeting someone online is a common thing now, but building an entire relationship virtually is a novel concept. 

First video dates can be as exciting and full of nervousness like the normal first date in person. Dress up, talk, flirt, ask questions, and get to know each other. You can even plan a whole personal live concert for her if you are into music and stuff. Play a guitar, sing for her, and impress her. And in case you are not on terms with guitar playing, then you can always sing your partner’s favorite song and they will definitely appreciate it.

Keep the mindset of a real date and be very punctual. 

The best thing about Quarantine Dating is that there is no mark of excellence which you have to cross. Everything is new and fresh. No expectations and nothing. You can freely plan a romantic date online or indoors to make him/her feel special and spend some quality time together in this phase of stress and monotonous days.

In the midst of all the dating and fun, do not sideline your safety. Give it priority. Go through the Online Dating Safety Tips for a safe virtual dating. 

Do a complete research.

Insist for a video chat.

Do not reveal your personal details.

Take time to trust. Do not believe everything.

Not just women but men also need to take safety precautions. 

Not that you are set for a date with your special someone, we wish you a very happy quarantine dating experience!

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