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Most of you must be familiar with the word Asexual, but how many of you knew that there’s something called Aromantic too? Though the words are intertwined, they are two totally different concepts.

If you’re stuck with the question, am I asexual or aromantic, this blog is for you!

Aromantic VS Asexual

Aromanticism is a situation in which romantic attraction is affected. Asexuality is a concept that deals with sexual attraction.

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Aromantics in relationships can be asexual too, but still, these words cannot be used synonymously. Romantic and sexual orientation are two poles apart concepts. An Asexual might not feel the urge to have sex but can desire romance and vice-versa. There’s less research available on Aromanticism that makes it hard to have a grasp of the concept fully.

Though it’s completely OKAY to be aromantic if the other person in the equation feels the same. Aromantic in a romantic relationship calls for an issue. It goes the same with being Asexual, given the two people involved in the relationship are on the same page.

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Who Are Aromantic Asexual?

People who identify as aromantic asexual neither have desires for sex nor romance. It doesn’t mean they’re not at all willing to get into relationships and stuff, but their sexual or romantic orientation is limited or sometimes absent.

Am I Aromantic? Find Out!

Do you often find yourself questioning whether I fall under the category of being an aromantic person because people around you keep telling you the same, or maybe you too have hints about it? Don’t bother yourself any further, and look for these common signs that clarify whether you’re aromantic or not. See if you could relate!

#1 You Never Understood The Concept Of Crushes

Teenage is all about crushes and discussing them with your friends. Where, on the one hand, all your friends were having their cute crushes, you were the only one in the group with no romantic feelings for anyone. All you did was try to fit in by forcing yourself to have a crush on someone imaginary (LOL).

#2 You Never Liked Romantic Movies/Stories

Every time you’re forced to rest your butt on a couch for a romantic movie, every cell of your body screams, WHAT IS THIS DRAMA AND WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE MORE PRAGMATIC. You still think Allie is stupid because she chose Noah over her wealthy boyfriend, right?

aromantic asexual

#3 Butterflies in Stomach? What is This?

You find people attractive, but you don’t feel nervous or conscious around them. Before a big event in your life, you’re nervous from top to bottom!

#4 You Are An Amazing Friend

Being aromantic has nothing to do with your qualities of being an ace friend to others. You can totally empathize with people around you, but you fail to understand romance and romantic relationships.

#5 You’re Sexually Active, But That’s It!

You enjoy sex, feel attracted, and nothing beyond that. You are willingly involved in a sexual relationship with someone and still fail to feel anything remotely romantic for them. This is one of the most prominent signs of being aromantic.

#6 Marriage Is Another Question For You

Wedding for you is all about having a family Gala time, party, food, and simply an event where people have fun. You can’t help but roll your eyes when you see people getting emotional and all. Oops!

#7 Relationship Drama Bores You

Getting involved with someone romantically sounds and feels weird to you. You get totally blank when it comes to reciprocating their romantic actions. You feel it’s good to avoid relationships. In case you want a relationship, romance should not be an element of it at all.

#8 Friends With Benefits Is Ideal For You

You prefer the ‘Friends With Benefits’ kind of a relationship because you know you cannot be a great partner to someone, but a great friend for sure. It’s THE romance that’s messing up things for you.

#9 You Love Your Single Status

You completely and truly cherish your singlehood. For someone who’s not aromantic, it would have been a boring state to be in. For you, it’s something that you prefer. People bugging you for finding a partner do not bother you AT ALL. You know you’re happy, and it’s far better than an aromantic relationship.

#10 You Have Zero Interest In Other People’s Love Life

You fully sympathize with your friend who just broke up with their partner, but you feel drained and bored when they get into their love story. It probably becomes the most challenging situation for you when you’ve to console them.

#11 You Always Have A Question Mark After Valentine’s Day!

You are like Valentine’s Day? Why? 

You find gifts, celebrations for seven days, couples going all Gaga, expressing feelings, confessing love, etc., cringe. It might be a celebration time for others, but for you just normal days.

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Could You Relate? Is Your Next Question Am I Asexual? Let’s Jump Into It!

Did you know that many grown-ups don’t even know or realize that they are asexual? Look for these common signs that clarify whether you’re asexual or not.

signs of being aromantic

  1. You Never Had Any Crush

You can be an aromantic asexual if you never had any crush. Simply liking someone is probably an easy feeling you could fall for, but, No! You never understood the hubbub around crushes.

  1. Sex Doesn’t Appeal You

Are you still trying to figure out why people are so frisky about sex? It’s just a once in a blue moon thing for you, or maybe not even that.

  1. Relationship Is Not At All Your Thing

You cringe over all the dating ideas and all those expectations you know you’ll never match or be able to fulfill.

  1. A Relationship Without Sex Is A YES For You!

If you find the idea of involving in a relationship with no sexual intimacy and tons of romance perfect, you’re an asexual romantic person. For most people, a sexless relationship is a clear dealbreaker, but you’re always up for it.

  1. Personality Over Looks

Your lack/absence of sexual orientation makes you sideline a person’s outer appearance, and you’re more into their inner personality. Doesn’t matter how hot/sexy the person is; you’re more focused on other traits that do not involve sex appeal.

  1. You’re Your Favorite

You’re not into dating at all. You love your own company. You’re more interested in your hobbies rather than listening to your partner’s fantasies.

  1. Self-Satisfaction Excites You

You’re often involved in self-satisfaction activities, but you don’t fantasize about anyone sexually.

  1. You Find Sex Boring

Many people who don’t realize that they are asexual and have had sex with their partners find sex boring and fail to enjoy it. Doesn’t matter how hard you try to enjoy this intimate time with your partner; nothing works for you.

  1. You Need A Really Strong Bond With Someone To Feel Sexually Attracted Towards Them

This situation is called demisexuality, and it’s common. If you’re with the right person, sexual activities might excite you that you otherwise find boring and useless.

If these pointers sound like you or match with your partner’s trait you’re in a relationship with, there is a high chance that you’re an asexual being or you’re dating one.


What Are The Different Types of Asexuality?

am I aromantic

The asexual community has not one but many types to identify as it’s an umbrella term.

  1. Demisexual: They are asexuals with sexual attraction to a person they feel very strongly connected with.
  1. Grey-A: They are somewhere between asexual and sexual.
  1. Queerplatonic: They are asexuals who experience no romance but the intense emotional connection with a person that’s beyond a traditional friendship.

We hope this blog answered most of your questions like aromantic vs asexual, romantic asexual meaning, signs of being aromantic, different types of asexuality, and so on. If you have more questions, drop them in the comments below.

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