Aphrodisiacs Foods: Sex Boosting Foods to Increase Sexual Desire

sex boosting foods

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. What is an Aphrodisiac? To simply put it, it is sex boosting foods or substance that increases sexual desire, arousal or pleasure, and VIAGRA IS NOT AN APHRODISIAC! 

An aphrodisiac is supposed to increase sexual desire and not sexual functions. Sorry Viagra, you can sit this one out!

You’ve seen it in the movies, someone who is into another person, very suggestively bites into a chocolate covered strawberry, as if to say “You are my strawberrryyyy, Baby!” That’s an aphrodisiac effect, kinda! 

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And that is an example of how aphrodisiac foods are supposed to escalate the sexual desires of an individual. Strawberries are not just for Wimbledon, dahling!

Practically, Aphrodisiacs have 3 fundamental categories of influence:

1. Libido

When people hit their middle-age, there is a significant drop in one’s libido (sexual drive) due to hormonal and other biological changes. People resort to using aphrodisiacs to “spice things up” *wink wink* (Yes, literally spice it up because chilies are on the list of food aphrodisiac).

2. Potency

Ladies, if your man doesn’t stiffen up (in that one way), go ahead and try using or suggesting an aphrodisiac. They are the best foods to get you in the mood to boost stamina, lubrication and sometimes, even endurance. If that is the case, 5 minutes before getting busy with each other, “Jai Mata Di” and gulp down two red-hot chilies. 

3. Finally

It just helps in the overall improvement of sexual pleasure.

Some of the aphrodisiacs that you might have heard of before are chocolates and strawberries but did you know that sometimes bananas can also be looked at as one.

I mean, let us be honest, that is not the only thing in which bananas have been looked at. Ever.

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As mentioned before, chilies are also considered to be aphrodisiacs because the capsaicin found in chilies is responsible for raising the internal temperature of the body, which is similar to that of when the sexual drive of an individual is peaking.

I guess that’s why they say that “Is it just me or are things getting hot in here?

But are aphrodisiacs proven to be boosters of sexual drive?

I think the best way to describe this is that, for some substances, science says, “Ehhh…” but the mind says, “YES!” What does this mean?

It means that there are substances which are said to be boosters of sex drive but haven’t been proven (YET!) by scientific studies. For example, Oysters have been shown to increase the libido in rats but not necessarily in humans.

Chilies, like chocolate, are said to stimulate the nerve-ending found in the tongues, thereby releasing the chemicals that boost the sex drive but no studies have been done to support this case.

Whatever it may be, using these substances is a great way of making something as ordinary as sex a little more flavorful.

I mean, literally flavorful. Plus, we must also not overlook the power of the “placebo effect.”

As Master Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda) told Shifu, if he believed, it would come true. The same thing applies here.

How to increase sexual desire? If you believe, it may just work. Who needs science to back it up, when all you need to do is give it a try?

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