What Is Love Bombing? 9 Red Flag Signs That Looks Like Romance!

What Is Love Bombing? 9 Red Flag Signs That Looks Like Romance!

Having someone who showers you with unlimited love, in the beginning, feels like a dream come true, right? It’s fun and exciting from all angles when new and fresh. The story in the background could be LOVE BOMBING, which you must be careful of. 

Wondering what is love bombing in a relationship? Here’s love bombing meaning in simple terms. 

‘It’s an overwhelming manipulative technique of words, actions, or behavior to win over a person’s trust.’ Or ‘It’s an unconscious behavior that turns out to be toxic and suffocating.’ 

The goal behind it could be anything you must not be aware of. So it’s vital to be careful of love bombing signs to keep the situation under your control. 

P.S. If these love bombing signs match with where your relationship stands today, do not directly come to a conclusion. Do not confuse their genuine love and care with love bombing. Analyze enough to be sure of anything. 

9 Red Flag love bombing signs That Looks Like Romance!

1. The Relationship Doesn’t Feel Balanced

It’s OKAY to feel comfortable around someone pretty soon, but the pressure to meet parents, make plans forcefully, discuss marriage, or move in together without spending enough time with each other are some love bombing examples that mean you must stop. 

Things going on at a pace that’s hard to catch is a love bombing signs if the mutual agreement doesn’t exist. 

Either be vocal about it, discuss, or leave! 

2. They Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

They behave disrespectfully and are ignorant of what you want. When you try to slow them down, they manipulate you into thinking it’s the right thing to do. That’s not what genuine love and caring look like. Someone who cares will respect your point of view and back off. 

Love bombers get upset if you deny them access to your life. They expect you to accept their tsunami of affection with positivity and no resistance. It’s not how it works. 

3. They Want Commitment Now

One thing to always keep in the back of your mind is that relationships take time to grow and become stronger. Someone falling for you heads over heels in just a week, or two is too good to be true. 

They might bother you for a commitment you are not ready for yet in the process. Marriage always makes a way in your conversations that does not give you butterflies in your tummies but headaches. 

If that’s how you feel as far as commitment is concerned, watch for how to stop love bombing, mate. 

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4. Gifts and A Lot Of It

Love bombers are desperate to be acknowledged for their generosity, and they wish to achieve this with extravagant gifts. 

Bombarding with gifts is yet another very clear love bombing cycle that love bombers have on their list. Is it because it makes the recipient happy? No! It’s with the intention of making the recipient obligated to stay connected. 

This tactic might feel ideal in the beginning, but it can turn out to be a situation followed by control, criticism, or even withdrawal if they feel their efforts are not being reciprocated the way they intended to. 

5. They Will Shower You With Excessive Compliments

Now you will think compliments are great & how can this go wrong? Hear us out! We crave admiration, but a lot of it can spin your head. That’s how love bombers find their way.  

Overwhelming compliments like: 

  • I have never met someone like you in my life. You are just perfect. 
  • You are the only person I want to be with. 
  • Everything about you is beautiful.

Why is such love bombing so dangerous?

There’s nothing wrong with these compliments in themselves, but in a larger context, keeping in mind their behavior, you are being tricked into thinking in a way that could be harmful. You start to develop the need for admiration that brings the love bomber on the spot from where they can control and isolate you. 

6. They Crave Your Undivided Attention

There’s no justification for your partner wanting all your energy focussed on them & you are ignoring other things in your life. The right partner would respect your boundaries and commitments that don’t involve them. 

On the other hand, a love bomber might lose his cool when your attention shifts. 

This is not how a relationship should be, right? You both deserve your time. If ME TIME is a stupid concept for them, it’s a clear red flag and it is one of the other ways to spot what is love bombing

7. Too Much PDA (Public displays of affection)

With non-stop complimenting comes physical and digital affection more than required. 

  • PDA in front of your friends and loved ones. 
  • Romantic posts and pictures on social media. 
  • Everything is about you and only you. 

Such things, to some extent, are normal, but when that line is crossed, you know. 

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8. The Intensity Seems Abnormal

One of the clear signs of love bombing is that they refuse to lower their charm at any given time. They want to have that image of perfection they are unwilling to leave. In the process, you feel pressured to be at your best, too, when around them, even if you feel otherwise. 

A relationship going in the right direction has its ups and downs that bring a couple closer. It doesn’t feel overbearing with a sense of respect. 

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9. Your Gut Feeling Will Tell You

You know that feeling of something not going right? Exactly! 

Keep a check on your gut & listen to it. 

What To Do & How To Stop Love Bombing?

If you think you are being love-bombed, start with setting transparent and healthy boundaries and tell your partner this is what you want. Refuse gifts, have your own time, counter their ideas of a perfect relationship, and take things on at your pace. If that’s accepted and requested, good. If not, leave.

To most people, love bombing seems normal, and they eventually make peace with it without realizing they will have to discontinue it sooner or later. Being aware of what is love bombing & these love bombing signs would help you drop the relationship right on time that’s not worth your efforts.  

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