How to Show Commitment in a Relationship [for Commitment Phobes]

how to show commitment in a relationship

What’s worse than a breakup, we ask. It could possibly be, being in a relationship with someone who just can’t commit to you.

It’s understandable that it could be exhausting and tiring to convince someone who has commitment issues in a relationship.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to show commitment in a relationship. It’s a guide for those people who fear commitment in a relationship

While it is indeed challenging for anyone to get a commitment-phobe to break down their barriers and commit to you, it isn’t an altogether impossible task.

By understanding his true psyche and playing smart and safe, you can turn things around in your favor.

Here is how to show commitment in a relationship.

1. Cut down on pricey dinner dates.

You need to show your partner that you really don’t care about expensive dinner dates. It’s about the connection that you want with him.

Show them you value the sentiments behind the dates rather than the money. Encourage your partner to take you out for picnics or even little homely dates for a better connection.

It could indirectly show that you want commitment in a relationship and all these things are far below.

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2. Win his mum and dad.

Winning over your partner’s parents can actually make the commitment part easy for you. Why is commitment important in a relationship?

Talk to his parents and then discuss the same with your partner about how his parents looked so cute because they are committed to each other.

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3. Make them feel like they are already in the zone.

Take advice on a personal issue or ask sometimes to get you some household item on the way over.

This will ease them slowly into the post-commitment phase, removing his fear of the same. It could solve the problem of lack of commitment in a relationship.

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4. Adopt cool hobbies and make sure to leave him out of them.

For a commitment-phobe, individuality is the prime concern in many cases. They feel they will never be ready to share their life with someone, which in some cases, is quite true.

But, on the other hand, couples take it as an obligation to do activities together that can turn out to be suffocation for someone who is already trying to get familiar with the whole idea.

Therefore, develop hobbies like taking Karate lessons or traveling around photographing.

It will let out the idea that it’s OK not to be involved in everything together.

That would for sure ease them out. 


5. Go on an unexpected vacation.

This might sound cliche but try this one. Go on a vacation without informing your partner, and try not to message/call them.

This unexpected distance might bring the flow of emotions in your partner, and it will let them know how important you are to them.

It eventually can lead to making him less commitment-phobe as love will surpass it all. 


6. Get out of reach.

If you have constantly been chatting and picking up their call at the first ring, STOP IT!

Miss a few calls, switch off your phone without a prior warning, and keep out of reach, making your partner wonder what’s wrong.

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7. Introduce him to your new best guy friend.

Start talking about and hanging out with a particular friend of the opposite gender. Then, when he/she offers to drop you back home, tell him/her you are meeting that person and that they’ll drop you back. In short, make your partner jealous!

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8. Cancel on dates for a day out with family or friends or just to be with yourself.

This will tell him, you can do without him and that will make him insecure about losing you. People do come closer when they drift apart.

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9. Limit physical affection.

Needless to say, this will alarm him about you losing interest in him. However, it’s a high risk, so continue holding hands but give anything beyond that, a break. This could possibly help you to get him committed to you.

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10. Tell him you are thinking of taking a job in another city.

This attributes to a major change in your life that can of course wipe him out of the picture. So, unless he doesn’t care at all, he’ll spill his inner feelings for you to make you stay.

And this is how you can expect commitment in a relationship.

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11. Talk it out.

Tell him about your feelings without any drama or emotional frills and patiently listen to what he has to say too.

It will clear it for you if he is serious about this relationship or it’s better to get rid of him. And this is how you can expect your partner to commit to you.

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So this is how to show commitment in a relationship and more importantly, how you can get your partner to commit to you. Let us know what other tactics you used to get your partner to commit.

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