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Love marriages are still an alien concept in India for many parents. They are not comfortable with the idea of love preceding marriage or inter-caste marriage as it violates the community’s value system, against the religion, and brings in many comments from the society. For them, perfect marriage arrangements are where the bride and the groom are least involved, and everything is traditionally arranged. But the time is not the same with one constant question; how to convince parents for love marriage.

At times, it becomes emotionally drenching to get your parents on the same table. But as they say, ‘impossible’ still has a ‘possible’ in it. We are here with 7 practical tips to answer your question; how to convince parents for intercaste marriage without hurting their feelings.

Here we go!

A Right Start!

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Well begun is half done!

Are you one of those who believe in the magic of love and love marriage, but unfortunately, your parents have a totally different point of view on this? It can be a tough time ahead if your parents are not on the same page as you.

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Do not wait for the final moment for the bomb to explode, please. Give your parents subtle hints about your special someone and your marriage preference. Hiding your relationship would mean disrespecting and hurting their feelings. Indian parents might be conservative, but they are equally loving and understanding.

Find Cupid In Either Your Mother or Your Father

Almost every Indian household shares the same story. One of the parents is a little more open-minded than the other. You must have shared your views on marriage and recorded the observation of each of your parents. Therefore, when the time hits to take action, talk to the one who had more liberal views about the whole idea of inter-caste love marriage. This can be a plus point if one of your parents is with you.

So, rather than being a complete emotional fool, be more practical in the process of convincing your parents for your love marriage.

Try Some Examples And Convey Your Message In The Best Way Possible

You found your love in school, college, during college or office break, or at a party, but forgot to ask about their details (obviously religion, caste, etc.) before you fell in love? Well, rather than sitting back and worrying about how to convince your parents for inter caste marriage, get ready with all the facts and some really beautiful examples of love marriages to convince your parents.

how to convince parents for love marriage

In a debate with your parents about your inter-caste love marriage, use them and let them know this is what will make you happy for the rest of your life. Tell them how you both are compatible with each other, which is more important than what the so-called society accepts. For them, it’s your happiness that matters in the end.

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Time For Your Partner To Step In

Oh. Not yet physically.

Highlight all your partner’s amazing qualities in front of your parents and how she is a perfect fit for the family and you. From professional to personal to her skills to her values to everything you think that made you fall in love with her, make sure your parents love her for the same reasons.

how to convince parents for intercaste marriage

You can even arrange a meeting if everybody is comfortable and coach your partner to put her best foot forward.

Your confidence in your partner will definitely make your parents see her from your perspective, which means a positive answer.


Sit With Them, Listen To Their Concerns, And Come Out With Some Solution

It is widely assumed in India that love marriages do not last, and such marriages do not sync with cultures, religions, etc. There must be these and many more concerns running in your parents’ minds.

Without knowing the reason as to why your parents are against your love marriage or an inter-caste marriage, the solution to your question of how to convince parents for love marriage will be hidden. The case gets solved only when the story of both the parties are out.

Rather than becoming stubborn and defensive about your decision of love marriage, address their issues respectfully and assure them of the best.

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Get Your Relatives And Friends Involved

how to convince your parents for inter caste marriage

The impact of what the relatives have to say in such matters is often positive than simply the girl or the boy trying to convince the parents.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to your parents directly about the whole episode, get in touch with the relatives who favour your decision or someone who is in a successful love marriage life. Take cues from them and use their experience with their parents to convince your parents.

Keep Fighting For Your Love

Tried everything? Try this now. Last but obviously not least.

Do not give up if you believe in your decision and your partner. Keep fighting!

Your parents will try their best to convince you for an arranged marriage, and there must be a lot of girls lined up for you to meet. Turn down every proposal and portray your loyalty. Tell them your canvas can have only one painting, and it’s the one you have chosen for yourself with all the colors you like.

This will eventually make your parents realize your partner’s deep love and your partner they cannot deny to.

As per the survey, 75% of marriages In India are arranged marriages. The evidence of the deeply rooted tradition of arranged marriages in India makes love marriages or inter-caste marriage an alien concept, still. 

So, if next time the question of how to convince parents for love marriage bothers you or any of your acquaintances, take help from the tips above to make your parents sail in your boat.

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