12 Reasons That Make The Girl Of Your Dreams Freak Out

getting the girl of your dreams

If you are wondering how to get girl of your dreams, there are certain things that you must stop doing right away! 

It won’t be right to say that all guys think alike. But when it comes to genuinely liking a girl, they all do some really alarming things that may very well let their girl run screaming away from them! If you really, actually like this girl, please refrain from doing all of the things we’re going to mention here. 

Getting the girl of your dreams isn’t an easy task. So, here are the things that can result to girls freaking out.

1. Stalking her Social Media accounts

If you’re checking out each and every picture she uploaded of her dog and even her cute nail paint. Like each one of the pictures, and don’t forget to comment on each of them. Pretty please. ?

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2. Stalk her social media account to the core

Do you think this is the right step into the process of finding the girl of your dreams?

Everyone needs validation, maybe that’s why your crush is uploading 3-4 pictures a week. But, it may also be hypocritical of her to point it out that you are being an offensive stalker.

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3. Text her like there is no other next day.

The moment she wakes up in the morning let at least a dozen of your WhatsApp messages greet her Good Morning.

If her phone starts vibrating because you sent her over a dozen messages in the morning with those rose and sun images having Good Morning written in Comic Sans font, you’re blocked and reported for sure.

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4. Just  ‘ Hi ’, ‘ What’s up ’, ‘ How are you? ’, ‘ Why aren’t you replying? ’ , ‘ Aren’t you alright? ’, ‘ Tell me where you are? I’m coming! ’, will also do the trick. Happy texting.

Just normal Hi, Hello, What’s up can shake her to the core. Yes! This is exactly NOT how to get girl of your dreams. 

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5. Or better still call her. A lot. Let her see your 20-25 missed calls (the least you can do). Nothing for a girl to know you are so concerned for a girl you just met.

If you guys don’t know each other much, try not intruding into each other’s safezone! It’s highly recommended to only call when the other person isn’t getting disturbed.

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6. Poke her, ping her whenever you see her online on WhatsApp or start a chat with her whenever you see the green against her name on FB or Instagram.

This thing will only push them away from you. Why? Because they may have some other important things to do, and now all you have is no matter what you wanted to talk about, they won’t have time for you.

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7. The moment she takes your call or replies jump at the opportunity and ask her out for a movie. Boy she would love to snuggle beside a stranger in a darkened room for 2 hours.

If your question is how to find the girl of your dreams, please don’t be Varun Dhawan for her.

If she has replied to your text or a call, it doesn’t mean you’ll start treating her as though she’s some special person. 

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8. Movie or not please DO NOT forget to ask her if she has a boyfriend ‘Already’ or not. She will get the sign without you actually saying anything. You are a genius.

This is an indirect way of asking a girl out. This would make sure that your work is done, and you still have your fair share of chance with her as a boyfriend.

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9. If you (of course you will) get past all this and get to dinner or lunch together make sure you ask her about her views on marriage. Yeah that’s crucial.

And, just a heads up. If you are still not serious about her, which we highly doubt; make sure you don’t ask this question. This particular question can literally raise standards, and will make things even difficult for you.

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10. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to ask her about her career plans. Planning to settle in another city or worse abroad? No. No.  She can’t do it. Tell her.

Everybody is going through a struggle they are unable to describe. So, if you are also that one, make sure you are taking things slow and steady, if you really want to win the race.

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11. Feed her with your own hand. For a better finish…. Lick your finger after that or ask her to feed you too. OMG… SHE’s gonna propose!

If you guys share at least a chunk of romance in your relationship, then if you can, try feeding her for once. You can use your spoon, if you think fingers would be too early. 

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12. Praise her for how beautiful she is precisely mentioning what all you liked in her, her lips, eyes….. you name the rest (at your own risk).

If you think that she’s kind of struggling with an inferiority complex, you need to start appreciating her. But make sure you do it with humbleness and a genuine heart.

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Getting the girl of your dreams is more about not doing the wrong things rather than doing right things all the time! 

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