21+ Types of Couples Relationships (Which One Is Successful & Likely to Stay)

Types of Couples Relationships (Which One Is Successful & Likely to Stay)

Love. Couples. Relationships. Dates. Break-Ups. Hook-Ups. Patch Up…

This trend in India is something to look for. Agree? Then comes the variety in couples we have. Trust me, there are many interesting types of couples that would blow your mind.

Some could be funny too, some really cute, and some a bit serious. The truth is, all the types of love relationships are truly lovely and unique in their own way. 

Let’s Find Out All 23+ Types of Couples Relationships Below…..

1. The Ones Who Are Inseparable

Feviquick ka jod hai, alag karke dikhao.

You will find such couples together, always. To put it this way, they both truly complete each other and don’t crave for anybody else’s company to have fun or live their life. Ye aapas mein hi khush hai.

2. The Fighter Couple

This couple relationship is quite easy to spot (lol).

For example: When in a group, you will not find them laughing or smiling at each other, or exchanging looks that couples usually do. Such couples make you wonder how and why they are still together. Why??

couple relationship

3. The Confused Ones

If you are friends with couples of this category, good luck to you with their patch up and break up story every alternate day. Literally! 

4. The Koochie-Koo Babies

Koi sense hai iska? Inko bahut lagti hogi. We personally find these mushy-mushy kinds of couples the most annoying of all. 

5. Ahem! Ahem! The Next Is The P.D.A Ones

They literally want the whole world to know they are dating each other. Hold it in love words, your mission is successful. 


They truly believe that age is in the mind. They are open and vocal about their relationship with judgments bothering them the least. 

7. The Office-Office Couple

You must have heard YOU SHOULDN’T GET LAID WHERE YOU ARE PAID. Have you? These couples for sure haven’t heard this (wink). Inka mast chal raha hai. 

8. The One Who Are Traveling Freaks

These DUOs are traveling ALL THE TIME. It feels like they are on a mission of exploring the world together. 

kinds of couples

9. The Power Couple

Successful. Wealthy. Powerful.

They are the ones you see and can’t stop yourself from saying THEIR KIDS WILL BE THE LUCKIEST. 

10. The Best-Friends Duo

They must be the best couples out there, but you’ll always find them behaving like best buddies to each other. Among different types of couplers, this one is my personal favorite because you always feel invited and comfortable around them. 

11. The “Opposites Attract” Couple

One the extrovert. The other one is a total introvert. One the cleanliness freak. The other one the messy butt. One the cool one. The other one is rigid. Still, they are together. 

12. The Friends With Benefits Couple

There’s a relationship, but just for the sake of it. There are emotions but not for each other. There’s sex and needs ONLY. 

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13. The “Made for each other” Couple

You just look at them and you are like, Damn! They are destined to be together. They are the sweetest, the cutest, the desirable, the goals, and whatnot! 

14. The “No we are just friends” Couple

They try hard to keep their relationship “A SECRET.” C’mon you guys, just stop it with your hide-and-seek game. The cat is out of the bag, and we know your little secret. This is one of the types of relationships in love that everybody wants to know about, right? Kaafi chull hai sabko. 

types of love relationships

15. The Long Distance Couple

They are the ones you always go to for LDR relationships advice, and they’re the WE KNOW ALL ABOUT LDR couples. No doubt, they will end up giving you some of the best advice. 

16. The Very Chill Couple

Chill vibes ooze out from such types of couples. We all know a relationship comes with some unsaid rules, but the chill types break them all. We all adore them, don’t we? 

17. The One Where The Girl Is Too Good For The Boy

Don’t lie but at some point you also must have said ki ye isse kaise patt gyi bhaiya, haina? And then follows some stupid assumptions we are all aware of. Let’s drop this. 

18. The One Where The Boy Is Too Good For The Girl

The boy seems like YOUR dream boy but that bitch is having a good time with him who doesn’t deserve him. Such different types of couples we’ve all known, right?

19. The High School Sweethearts

School love stories have always been our favorite. Right? Uff all the sweet things this one category does is way too adorable and sweet to handle. They are totally capable of leaving us in wonder how these two are still not bored of each other. 

types of relationships in love

20. Open-Relationship Buddies

The two in the equation love and trust each other so much that it’s okay if they hook up with someone else if there’s mutual consent. Wait… What…How… Really? Yes! 

21. The “Jeena Marna Saath Mein” Couple

They are the cutest and the sweetest. Gray hair, stick in hands, love in eyes, beautiful wrinkles, hand in each other’s hand, and love drizzling from everywhere. Touchwood. We need more and more such types of couples relationships. 

22. The Possessive Couple

Inka aadha time to permission lene aur dene mein hi nikal jata hoga. I cannot even think of you hanging out with other people, baby. Stop it, please.

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23. The Emo-Wrecks

They two found each other when they needed each other the most. Are they feeding each other’s loneliness? Quite possible! 

I think it’s enough information for now on types of relationships. Please let us know in the comments below the type of couple relationship you think is likely to be successful or will stay together for long.

Comment below and let us know which one are you & your experiences!

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