10 Things That Prove Long Distance Relationships Work Better Than Normal Ones

long distance relationships work

Long distance relationships work but are perceived as something scary, pitiable, and one that is sure to fail. It is considered to be mythic and mostly negative.

Sure there are problems in an LDR but which relationship doesn’t? It is not correct to assume that an LDR can’t work or doesn’t have anything positive about it.

In fact, it can actually have many benefits to its name. And to name a few, we have these super advantages and perks of long-distance relationships that prove it to be simply great for you. 

Without an ounce of doubt, this Covid time has made every other relationship kind of a Long Distance Relationship (not kidding), therefore, there’s no choice left than analyzing what all an LDR relationship has to offer. 

1. You are better acquainted with your partner.

When in a long-distance relationship, or say quarantine relationship (lol), you have nothing but the countless messages and endless calls to rely on when it comes to knowing a person.

While this may seem as a drawback, it is, in fact, a boon in disguise. In an otherwise relationship, when you often get to see each other, most of the dates are spent on movies and eating out together.

The conversation is thus cut short and is more based on the experience that you are sharing together, like how well the actress is delivering her lines or this food tastes so bad, etc.

But when it is LDR, you each share your individual experiences and views that are exclusive to just you, thus there is a better chance to know the person on the other end of the line.

Besides, the advantage of long-distance relationships is that a couple that shares more and that brings them closer.

Therefore, if you were skeptical whether your LDR would work or not, or if you thought Covid would make it really hard for you with your partner in an LDR, here is a ray of positivity for you. 

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2. You can clearly sort out your feelings of love or lust

The lack of many opportunities to see each other in person and physical affection lets your feelings get simplified and clear.

You are less likely to confuse love with lust as is usually the case in other relationships when you can’t seem to understand if it’s just his smirk that melts your heart or if you really like him.

On the other hand, in an LDR, if you like a person it is not based on the way he or she dresses or looks but because of the things they like, say, or do.

The hidden clues of their real persona in the conversations that you two have are the key to making you like them or not.

Although this isn’t a guarantee of a long-term relationship, that’s why long-distance relationships are worth it.

Well, it’s time you both re-analyze your feelings if Covid made you both shift in different states/places/countries. Count it as an opportunity! 

3. You test and develop trust

Being in a relationship calls for strong trust. When your partner is away, your imagination is bound to run wild, and jealousy seeps in deep.

It is natural. But with no option than talking in an LDR, you are forced to bring such matters of insecurity up for discussion and learn to trust them inadvertently with time.

It renders you too the status of being trustworthy. This is what brings confidence and a sense of security in the relationship and one of the advantages of LDR.

Well, if your LDR was a part of Covid mismanagement, you can thank the Virus later! 

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4. You become efficient in communicating and resolving disagreements

A couple can’t stress enough how important it is to communicate effectively in a relationship. In an LDR where body language and actions are essentially ruled out, you have practically nothing more than conversations alone to rely on to connect to your partner.

Thus, you eventually learn to communicate well. In times of clashes too, when in other relationships couples depend on their behavior and expressions to convey their thoughts and expect their partners to gauge it well, even little misunderstandings can take the shape of grand feuds.

While owing to their mastery over communication skills (and because they have no other means to convey feelings), the couples share their thoughts.

This cuts down the painful process of expectation and disappointment and easily resolves the matter, not to mention how it equips them for larger challenges in person. This is one of the advantages of long-distance relationships.

5. You come to value and appreciate the time you spend together

Was hanging out together on a daily basis a part of your couple regime? You suddenly stopped appreciating and it kind of felt like a routine? Suddenly Boom… and here you are in an LDR? Well, now you know it was special. 

Couples who get to see their partners frequently, though unknowingly, often start taking this time together for granted.

Since people in LDR get to see each other so less, the couples in a long-distance relationship fondly savor every moment they spend together, even if it may be a simple errand they run together.

This sense of gratitude and sort of appreciation for the time you are together increasing the happiness and makes your bond even stronger. This is one of the best advantages of long-distance relationships.

6. You make more memorable moments

Since you get to spend so less time together, safety first, each moment you are with your partner becomes automatically special and is etched in your mind.

Moreover, because of the same reason, you tend to put in the greater effort as compared to other couples, to make each moment special when you see them in person.

Instead of those usual movies and dinner dates, you actually make efforts to invent new ideas of dating from your respective places to make both of you feel special like virtual movie dates, virtual fancy date nights, fun online games, learn something new together, etc.

Such efforts not only increase affection and love between you but also give you more stories and incidents to cherish and remember together.

Also, this is what makes you want to look forward to meeting your partner the next time. 

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7. You become more patient

Patience is a virtue. It is not just a saying but the truth. In the times of fast cash and instant noodles, patience is hard to come by but has indeed become more important now than ever for obvious reasons like Covid and Quarantine.

Patience helps you overcome frustrations and overlook minor flaws in your partner. It is what keeps your relationship stress-free and healthy by allowing you to give time and space to them.

The advantage of LDR is by every means tailor-made to practice patience in you. Waiting to discuss a matter when you meet next time or simply to see each other is what helps heal wounds, cool rage, resolve misunderstandings and widen insight; thus, saving your relationship a lot of damage that could otherwise have been unavoidable.

8. You have more space for yourself

One of the biggest plus points of a long distance relationship as far as your personal growth is concerned is getting ample time to know, cherish and live for yourself.

In an LDR, the perks are the time you get for yourself and is enough to pursue your own interests.

You can spend time reading, trying a new workout regime, or learning some new skills online instead of spending every waking moment on your phone texting or talking with your bae on Skype.

This helps you develop yourself all round and become a happier, more confident and an independent person.

9. You learn to become self-dependent

When you are in such a relationship, you have to be self dependent while tackling daily life challenges ranging from cooking meals to managing your own finances.

In low times your partner sure can give you moral and emotional support but can’t pitch in his help to fix things for you.

This may not sound like fun but is in fact a bonus advantage of an LDR. This is what makes you a strong and self-sufficient individual; carving your personality and in turn making your partner too admire and feel proud of you.

10. You make and strengthen your commitment

A long-distance relationship or not getting to meet your partner for months is a lot of hard work.

It is not easy to schedule a Skype date without feeling wistful or depressed at the thought of having to converse to an electronic box when you may long the touch of your partner’s fingers entwined between yours.

The fact that despite this unease, you make sincere efforts to keep connected and nurture this relationship tells you just how much you want to be together.

This perseverance is what makes you committed to your relationship regardless of all the hardships you face. Hence, this, too, is one of the perks of long-distance relationships.

So, without a speck of doubt, it won’t be wrong to say that long-distance relationships are a test of your patience and dedication towards love.

If you survive LDR, it is most likely you can survive the other challenges life tends to throw in a relationship.

It is only a matter of practicing the golden virtues of communication, patience, trust, and personal strength that you learned during this long-distance relationship, even after you close the gap.

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