Long Distance Survival

Hello hello hello! All of us know a lot of  couples in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and everybody has their own expert advice. The said advice can range from impractical but cute to absolute bakwaas. So let’s get this clear. We support everyone who has the patience and perseverance to keep loving despite the distance (and crazy flight fares).

In our book, there are two types of LDRs. One’s your regular ‘he lives in Mumbai and she’s in Gurgaon’ and the other is the Double Long Distance Relationship which is more like ‘she lives in Chennai, studies in New York and he’s a Delhi boy’, so even when she comes back from University, she’s in Chennai and not Delhi.

So we sat down and called up all our friends with better halves halfway across the country or the world. A little bit of pushing and lots of invasion of privacy got us the golden solutions to rocking a long distance relationship.

LDR Survival

Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to add to this list. We are fully committed to making love easier!


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