11 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When in a Long Distance Relationship

valentine's day for long distance couples

Long distance relationships are always looked down upon with pity. The poor chaps can’t even see each other.

But long distance relationships aren’t as bad and ugly as they may seem to be. When the love is strong, a little distance doesn’t matter, isn’t it?

So, hop down the misery rail and gear up to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart even if he/she may be miles away. Here are 11 amazing long distance valentines date ideas for couples;

#1. The Old Way

This may be the oldest trick in the book but is evergreen indeed. Sending chocolates and flowers is the best valentine’s day gift for long distance couples.

They should be long stemmed ‘red roses’ only. I know you might have heard it from your girlfriend before but that’s only because red roses are a must on valentine’s day.

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#2. Get Help from her Siblings

Nothing can be more beautiful and magical than her or even him waking up to a room full of roses!

But since you’re not there you’ll need some help from her pesky little brother. Bribe him with something and ask him to buy some bouquets, hide them away somewhere out of her sight and decorate her room before she wakes up. And Voilà!! You made her day!

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long distance relationship
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#3. Plan a virtual date- Drink your favourite cocktails together.

Planning a virtual date on V-day is the best long distance valentine’s date idea. Grab your favourite drinks which you two always prefer to drink together. Try this trick to make your V-day memorable even when you are far away from your partner.

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#4. Roll Back In Time

Remember the time when you just started dating? Ahh… what bliss! Those late night chatting, flirting, blushing and ohh those rogue butterflies that seriously got drunk and made a havoc in your stomach!

Well, invite them over again… Take this Valentine’s Day to remember and relive all those sweet, naughty and beautiful memories. Stay up late and chat! 

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#5. Movie Marathon

All you need to do here is just get some movie DVDs of both of your choice, get a supply of popcorn ready and settle down in your pajamas in your respective beds.

Watching movies together, hugging your pillows and chatting, commenting and ridiculing is the best way to celebrate valentine’s day for long distance couples.

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long distance relationship
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#6. Cook or Play Together

Cooking together or playing games is a perfect way to celebrate valentine’s day for long-distance couples even when you two are miles away from each other.

Try cooking together because there is nothing sweeter and sexier than dicing vegetables and laughing at each other’s dumb mistakes. You can also try karaoke or other activities in a similar fashion.

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long distance relationship
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#7. Write A Letter

Letter? In the time of email and WhatsApp?!! Yes, because no electronic instrument or virtual writing can pour out the love, care and affection that the old world’s handwritten letter can..

A tip. Use a lightly scented paper, stick some photographs from the times when you’ve been together and send it with a thoughtful gift

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#8. Send Something That Reminds Of You

This may sound a little weird but trust us this can be the best valentine’s gift for long distance couples. Send something subtle, maybe with a hint of your perfume which she loves. And yes of course, needless to say, send her/him a little gift too along with that!

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long distance relationship
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#9. Have a Dinner Date

Yes, you heard me right. You can still have a dinner date even if you are in a long distance relationship. Just ask her to get into that pretty dress you sent her, you will be ready in the crisp white shirt she always thought you looked very charming in.

Lay the table and light some candles and here you are with other long distance valentines date ideas.

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#10. Surprise Her

Even though these are some most beautiful ways you can celebrate your Valentine’s together, there is nothing that can beat the feeling of actually being together, in person.

When you can touch each other, hug and feel the warmth of her breath tickling your ears. So, instead of spending Valentine’s Day in front of your laptop, go down there and surprise her. Her smile will be the brightest thing you ever saw.

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#11. Explore A New Place Together

Explore new places together and make new memories with your partner on this v-day. Take a weekend off to any nearby place and spend your valentine’s day in peace and undisturbed romance.  

So these are some amazing and easy ways to celebrate your valentine’s day even if you are in a long distance relationship. Share your experience if you tried any of these ideas. 

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