7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Bae!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for her

The love festival is here!!!!!!!!!

Valentine’s day is just so special! If, without putting much effort, you want to go with red roses or a fancy dinner reservation to call it one of the valentine’s day gifts to your partner, please stay away from these cliche valentine’s day gifts for women this year.

Think something out of the box to make your partner roll in the hay of happiness!

Go through the list of these seven valentine’s day gifts for her to keep your surprise game on point!

1. Indulge in a couple’s spa

valentine's day gifts for girlfriend
Indulge in a couple’s spa I #1 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

What could be better than enjoying a day of pampering in a tranquil setting? A spa day for two is one of the relaxing valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend. So, go ahead and unwind together!

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2. 50 Reasons Why I Love You!

To put more emphasis on, this is for sure one of the best valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend! Her man DIYing?

valentine's day gifts for bae
Reasons Why I Love You! I #2 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

She won’t really expect this coming. Put a spin on those scrapbooks by compiling a personalized book on reasons you love her or love quotes that define your relationship.

If you’re a little hesitant for this one, here’s a dude who completely owned it with his DIY.

Convinced now?

3. Speaking of DIYs, dinner, anyone? Not in the restaurant, of course!

Rather than getting gifts for her, try cooking this time! Think about it- if you are a good cook, and she can’t even boil an egg, she’ll definitely appreciate anything you make.

man cooking for gf on valentine dinner date
Man cooking for dinner date I #3 of 7 valentine’s day gifts for her

If you are clueless about your way in the kitchen, well, there are tons of YouTube Chefs to help you out.

Either way, cooking for your girl screams ROMANCE. Go ahead, seduce her with some knives and forks!

4. A beauty kit for your girl if she loves makeup? Yes!

If your girl loves to apply makeup a little too much, pamper her with a full-fledged makeup kit this year for that 100-Watt smile on her face.

gifts for women
beauty kit for your girl I #4 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

Nothing can beat this gift idea if your GF always buys lipstick, kajal, mascara, and such products on a daily basis. If your girl is not into makeup that much, we have many other options too. 

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5. Digital Subscriptions

All those years of gifting rituals have blocked your mind this year? You can’t think of something that she’ll like or something that’s different?

Digital Subscriptions gifts for bae
Digital Subscriptions I #5 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

Here’s one of the most suitable valentine’s day ideas for her. How about a subscription? That is so 2021!

Digital subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime, and yes, India’s current virtual heart-throb Netflix are the current trends, so take your pick!

And why not, considering you are the one who gets to binge-watch with her!

6. Call it a board game night!

In the hunt for valentine’s day ideas for her, consider this one too! Chuck the TV remote and challenge her to a couple of board gaming marathons..

best valentine's day gifts for girlfriend
Board Game I #6 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

Bring a romantic twist to this, with the loser having to fulfill the winner’s wish at the end of the night.

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7. A sketch of both of you!

Sometimes old is really the gold. A twist is always welcome. It’s not necessary that valentine’s day gifts should always be fancy.

valentine's day gifts for girlfriend
Sketch Painting I #7 of 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For her

It can also be a sketch that’s so 90s. If you aren’t great at sketching, find someone else who is! Brownie points for adding a love note along with the sketch.

Watch her expression as she unwraps this! Most girls love receiving gifts, but they really appreciate it when their man goes all the way in making the gift a personalized one.

Valentine’s week feels like the season of love, and gifts are its most special parts. Couples look forward to receiving and giving gifts that feel like bliss.

The idea shouldn’t always involve something expensive or grand; even those sweet little gestures are enough to make a special place in your partner’s heart. Ready with all your special gifts for her? 

Have better valentine’s day gifts for her? Share in the comments below! 

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