27+ Last Minute Christmas & Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Coworkers & Friends (2022)

Christmas Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

The Christmas holiday season is all about exchanging gifts. We get the festival’s root from a red-dressed, bearded uncle blessing children with gifts of their choice, popularly famous as Santa. And, Oh, that christmas gift exchange secret santa trending, how can we forget that? 

Finding unique Christmas secret santa gifts can be a tricky task. Before you put everybody’s brain around you into work for finding the best office secret santa gifts, we have done all the work for you right here. 

This is our gift to all our readers: 37 budget fun secret santa gifts ideas. We have included gift ideas for friends, coworkers, male, female, and the categorization is vast. We hope you like it because they are all good and thoughtful. 

27+ Last Minute Christmas & Secret Santa Gifts Idea That Your Friends and Family Will Adore

1. Instant Polaroid Film Camera

Image Credit: Tenor

This very famous trending equipment helps you save memories in just a click. During the festivals, what better than something of this sort? 

2. Nail Polish Quad

Image Credit: tenor

One of the best secret Santa gifts for women we could suggest. An advice here would be to pick up neutral shades. 

3. Tumbler


Hydration in style! Take care of your friends’ and colleagues’ health. Present them with a cute tumbler this Christmas. 

4. Keyboard Cover

Keyboard Cover

A makeover that’s much needed? What do you say? It will also help the recipient take care of their very important work gadget. 

5. Stylish Chest Bag

Stylish Chest Bag
Image Credit: Pinterest

Coming to the office means grabbing some of the little essentials on the go. This trending chest bag is what girls and boys need to add to their wardrobe. It’s also a must add to secret santa gift ideas for coworkers.

6. Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag
Image Credit: Pinterest

It’s a great habit to bring lunch every day to the office. It’s quite a thoughtful gift idea to consider. 

7. Glares, Goggles

Image Credit: tenor

If you look around, there must be a friend or colleague who’s very much into wearing goggles to the office and the wannabe style icon. For that one person, it would make a happy gift. 

8. Run Belt

More secret Santa gift ideas on the queue. Run belts are great for health freaks with running as their primary exercise. They will rejoice with this gift because it has compartments for keeping phones, keys, cards, or even healthy bars. 

9. Eyeshadow Palette


Girls’ love and relationship with makeup are celebrated enough. For the Diva in your office, an eyeshadow palette is the on-point gift option. 

10. Gender Neutral Pullover Hoodie

Image Credit: tenor

It’s a great choice for everyone as it offers warmth and coziness in winter. Not to forget, it also looks great in a street style fashion. 

11. Mini Traveler Speaker

Image Credit: tenor

They say MUSIC IS LIFE. Well, it is. One of the best Christmas gift ideas for office colleagues that we would suggest is a handy speaker that gives access to music anytime, anywhere for rejuvenation. 

12. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
Image Credit: Pinterest

It’s tiny, but it’s mighty. This product offers a scent that calms the senses in a therapeutic way. A great way of getting colleagues back to the working mode (lol).

13. Heating Pad

Image Credit: tenor

Sometimes, work stress can be real. Not only work stress, but body ache from prolonged sitting hours can take a toll on the body. For those moments, this gift is an ideal one. 

14. Hair Dryer

Image Credit: tenor

Do we really need to mention the importance of a hair-dryer? It makes a wonderful gift choice, no doubt.

15. A Straightener

Image Credit: tenor

Not every girl is comfortable with chemical dominated hair treatments like rebonding, smoothening, keratin, etc. A straightener for straight, shiny, and manageable hair for them.

16. Quick Breakfast Maker

Quick Breakfast Maker
Image Credit: Pinterest

Easily available online, it’s a great choice that helps in preparing quick meals in the blink of an eye. Especially for bachelors who need a hand in cooking, this is the product.

17. 3 In 1 Charging Station

3 In 1 Charging Station
Image Credit: Pinterest

For the close and special people in your life who love gadgets way too much, you must present them with the charging station this Christmas. They’re going to love it. 

18. Electric Heater

Image Credit: tenor

Winters and heaters. What a cozy combination. It’s one of the best budget christmas gift ideas for colleagues. 

19. Note-Pad

Image Credit: tenor

Everyone has things they need to pen down to remember, or else it will skip off the mind. For a to-do list to be more productive each day, a notepad comes handy. 

20. Click and Go Perfume Pen

Image Credit: Pinterest

This very useful product is not much talked about, and even a majority of you may not be familiar with this. If you are looking for out-of-the-box secret santa gifts for coworkers, how about this one?

21. Wireless Earbuds

Image Credit: tenor

There are 90% chances that this Secret Santa Gift Receiver has lost their earphones or one of the sides must not be working (lol).   

22. Scented Candles


Image Credit: tenor

Fill the air near the desk with a warming and soothing scent that’s calming. You know what, it’s trending and preferred. Receiving such a gift would be bliss. 

23. Perfume

Image Credit: Tenor

Talking about gifts and there’s no mention of perfumes, not fair. Perfumes are an all-time favorite gift item that people love to offer and receive. 

24. A Book

Image Credit: Tenor

Secret friend gift ideas” for your friends who love to read, it’s a no-brainer.

25. Mug

Image Credit: tenor

Coffee-time! Tea-time! WE NEED A MUG. Yes! For breaks in offices, they need it! 

26. A Watch

Image Credit: tenor

They can’t be coming late to the office now. Jokes apart, watch as one of the gift ideas for office colleagues? A big thumbs up! 

27. Plants and Pots

Image Credit: tenor

One of my personal favorites. Plants or pots with a secret Santa wish is a great official gift idea. Try to keep the plant low-maintenance in case the receiver has no thumb for it. 

So are we ready to make a grand entry into the festive season with all the secret gifts in our bags? With these fun secret santa gifts, hell yes! Let’s enjoy life to the fullest and bring smiles on people’s faces around us.

Comment below and let us know which one are you gifting to your loved ones and also if you have more secret Santa ideas for Coworkers, friends & office colleagues!

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