Relationship Problems: What Do Indian Parents Think on Dating

relationship problems

First things first, every Indian house might have some different dating rules, or to be precise, relationship problems. One family might be very chill while the other equally orthodox and new to the dating world.

Dating people become a little harder for them to accept. That brings us to the topic that was important to share “Indian parents on dating.”

Ladies- No matter how old you are, you still owe a detailed explanation to your parents, when it comes to your dating habits.

Gentleman- Doesn’t matter if you think you’re a boy and a little privileged when it comes to dating in a brown family, if your parents start bombarding you with dating questions, you better be prepared with some decent answers!

Remember the first time you told your parents that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or that you’re going out on a date? What was the expression like? Ouch or aww! Read on for more expressions!!!!!!!!

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How Many of These Reactions Have You Been Through?

  • Their lecture for days and days on how dating is detrimental to your existence!

If you ever had a dream of an understanding level with your parents where you can discuss your relationship problems with them, do you think you are there? On the other hand, you only get to hear lectures on dating and their imaginative stuff on dating that’s never going to happen. That classic chaar log kya kahenge dialogue, ufffffff. 

relationship issues

  • The blame game of misusing the freedom they gave you!

While you’re still wondering what have you done that you’re being treated this way, and does dating really means misusing freedom, the blame game would be on another level. Please be ready for the allegations like breaking their heart, commiting a sin, feeling that you’re big enough but you are not, you cannot take care of yourself, and blah blah! Don’t forget the most relatable line whose English translation is that you’ll never realize how we’re feeling until you’re a parent yourself! 

indian parents and dating

  • The ‘look-in-to-my-eyes’ test you have to take!

If you think you can save your guilty self by lying to them, don’t underestimate their power of making you look into their eyes, and extracting the truth from your mouth. Doesn’t matter how hard you try to change their mindset regarding dating, they have their own set of rules that you must follow as an Indian child! We know it can be really hard at times to manage both parents’ dating issues and your own relationship issues. 

indian parents on dating

  • When they are worried that a neighbour may have seen you with ‘the boy!’

That’s a really oops moment you guys! Sometimes it’s easy to deal with your long distance relationship problems but dealing with these human versions of cameras can be nerve-wrecking. Before you gather courage to tell your parents about your little dating work, the news has already reached them via some unexplained fastest network in the world. The scenario post this truth revelation can go a little out of hand that you must know how to manage! 

why do indian parents hate love marriage 

  • The most dreaded of the lot – the wedding plans!

There’s no doubt in the fact that most Indian parents hate love marriages. Why do Indian parents hate love marriage is still a question, though. Before you know what’s happening, all your wedding plans are ready. Indian parents, somehow, feel that weddings are the solution to all the problems. Therefore, next time before entering the dating world, imagine how it would be to get married against your wish (lol). 

long distance relationship problems

Whatever the case or your parent’s reaction is, you know all this is because they love you so much. From their end, they always try to do the best for you but sometimes it’s required that they listen to what you have to say. Adaptation to change is the need of the hour, and in a world where dating feels so special and natural, we are sure they’ll understand where you’re coming from. 

Meanwhile, it’s your duty as well to understand that it’s something your parents are not grown up with, and this culture is new to them. Just like how you patiently deal with your relationship problems, introduce your parents to this new world in the best possible manner! 

dating problems


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