Are You Dating or in Relationship: 9 Points to Know Your Status

difference between dating and relationship

Are you stuck in a zone where you’re confused whether you’re casually dating or committed to this person in a relationship? Is it just dating or actually being In a relationship? You don’t know where to draw the line? Hold on and take a deep breath.

We know such labels don’t matter to a majority of people, but there are still some trying to figure out the whole concept. 

Get the equation with your partner clear with these key difference between dating and relationship.

9 Ways to Know Difference Between Dating and Relationship.

#1 Unlike a Relationship, Dating Lacks Attachment And Commitment

Measure the level of your relationship with the person because that’s going to unfold the kind of equation you’re sharing with your partner. That ultimately gives you a clearer picture of whether it’s casual dating or a committed relationship.  

If you two exclusively love to spend time with each other with no long-term commitments and promises, you can label it dating and nothing more than that. 

#2 Physical Intimacy

Both dating and relationships can have physical intimacy. 

The key difference is intimacy in dating is a lot more physical and a lot less emotional. On the other hand, relationships have deeper emotional intimacy. 

dating and relationship difference
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What’s the type and level of intimacy that you share with your partner? Introspect, and your dating and relationships equation would be clear. 

#3 Dating Allows You To Be Playful and Experimental, Relationship Means Sincerity and Seriousness

To start with, let’s clear the air that a pair in a relationship can’t be playful and experimental, but there are always sincere decisions involved.

Are you wondering what date meaning in love is? Dating is an enlightening part that leads to a relationship loaded with compatibility and understanding.

People get to explore and discover themselves like never before. On your dating journey, you’re learning, growing, making mistakes, and deciding what’s best for you.

Relationships are different in that sense. You reach the Warland all equipped and prepared. Your goals are long-term, there’s mutual understanding, and there are always two people involved. 

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#4 Dating is Fleeting, Relationships Can Be Forever

While you’re taking the partnership journey, you somewhere start realizing if it’s for a lifetime or it’s short-lived. That longevity difference is one of the most prominent dating and relationship differences. 

date meaning in relationship
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Dating is nothing different than relationships but a part of it. You can still say these are two different forms of partnership as date meaning in a relationship might vary. 

#5 Dating Can Have Unpredictable Elements; Relationships Are About Certainty

When you have a dating mindset with the person in the equation, things automatically take a light and lenient turn. You tend to lose grip on a lot of things that let unpredictability peep in. You’re not sure about many things.

On the other hand, when you’re in an actual relationship, things are stable, and there’s an underlying sense of security. 

#6 Dating Is a Right Thing To Do For Young Couples, Relationships Are For Fated Soulmates

You will majorly find young lovers enjoying the phase of dating because it offers the potential of finding true love along with a great deal of excitement. Furthermore, when these same young couples find their ideal partners, they finally understand that dating alone is not sufficient to celebrate their destined and forever love. 

meaning of date in love
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Meaning of date in love is deep, but can you spot the difference here? Only relationships offer a true sense of togetherness. All the elements might be the same, but that Forever is always missing.

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#7 Dating Means Limited Expectations and Relationships Are More /Demanding That Way

When you’re in a dating relationship with someone, expectations are automatically low. There can be situations where one person in the relationship is more invested than the other, but none is expecting you to be on your knees and confess your feelings. 

Expectations in relationships are much higher. Relationships run lose on the whole point if there are no expectations involved from both parties. 

#8 You’re Free And Confident To Be The Real You In A Relationship, Dating Somehow Lacks This Freedom

You’re just out from the gym, bathing in sweat, and your relationship partner calls you for coffee. You won’t mind meeting them after changing your clothes casually, wiping sweat off your body, and wearing a good perfume. 

date meaning in love
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Getting a date call from your dating buddy means hours of preparation to look your best. It isn’t like that you can’t meet them the way you are. It’s about the comfort level in both situations. 

It’s just one example that shows the difference. 

#9 Dating Means A Range Of Choices, Relationships Means You’re In The Best Direction

If you’re constantly stuck with wanting for something more than what you have in your partnership, chances are you’re still wired in a dating phase. Choices in a dating scenario never stop. 

The point where you feel that’s it, and this is all that I wanted, you’ve finally made the best choice.  

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#10 Dating Teaches, Relationships Nurture

Dating can be a life-changing experience because it teaches lessons, sometimes in a hard way. You understand what’s LOVE and LIKE or what’s LOVE and INFATUATION. 

In a relationship, you grow as a partner because you are already clear about what’s it all.

Dating Vs Relationships: Final Thoughts

Putting all the dating and relationship differences on one side for a while, they both hold equal value. Where relationships are glorified, dating is the need of the hour. 

So now, when you’re finally clued up on the difference between dating and relationship, decide for yourself and immerse in the cocktail of love and emotions you deserve. 

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