14 Dating Rules You Must Never Ever Break

When it comes to dating there are certain rules that should never ever be broken; especially if it’s only a few days since you two met and don’t know each other very well. Eventually, as you get to know each other better you will yourself come at ease. But anyway, some of these rules are a must to follow even as your relationship grows with time. So, check them out and swear never to break them.

1. Never be late for a date and in the grave chance that you would be, let your date know so, before time.

Your date could be the one, so if you get late it will only send a signal that he/she is not important so losing on the chance.
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2. Never walk out on your date halfway through the evening.

First, it’s absolutely impolite and second, who knows your date could prove to be a great friend or even a future business prospect, instead.
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3. Always make an effort on your look for a date, be it a casual or a formal one.

It is good for making a nice first impression besides letting him/her know that you value their company.
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4. Keep yourself well groomed and always smelling good.

Pop a mint, keep nails clean, use a deodorant or perfume and get rid of unwanted hair…. Hardly a need to mention these but then also way too important to leave them out.
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5. Remember that chivalry isn’t dead and neither is genteel mannerism.

You do not need to go overboard with your knight and damsel-in-distress act but try to be pleasant to your date.
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6. Refrain from flirty touch if your date isn’t reciprocating with a smile or in a similar way

Touches can prove to be repulsive if they are not mutual hence, only touch if your date’s body language shows he/she is in a flirty mood too.
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7. Don’t get drunk on your date.

Even if it’s a casual date, catching drinks together, refrain from drinking too much. It will only cause your date to end badly.
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8. Keep away from your phone and/or any other distractions and concentrate on your date.

This will let your date know you respect them and think they are important. But if you do have to take a call, excuse yourself before taking it and try to make it quick. Do not forget to apologies after getting off the call.
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9. Prepare ahead to make your conversation interesting.

Nobody likes awkward silences so to save yourself the embarrassment have something up your sleeve already prepared.
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10. Do not linger or be persistent.

If your date doesn’t want to open up or talk about a certain thing don’t force them to, rather change the topic to something light.
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11. Be courteous and modest.

Stay away from entailing your stories of glory and achievements, it will only make you look arrogant and turn them off big time.
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12. Give a genuine compliment but in moderation.

If you keep on complimenting your date on everything it will make you look desperate. On the other hand, a half smile will only insult them so only compliment them on the things you you genuinely liked.
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13. Never talk about either of your exes.

It will only drag the conversation down the bitter road and take your focus off each each other.
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14. Keep any expectations of a kiss or more at bay and only concentrate on having a good time.

Having undue expectations will only leave you frustrated even though you may have had a great evening together.
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