Uttara From Pune Found Her Forever Rajat From Indore

You know what they say, some people are destined to be together. Ours is one such story. So it goes back to the time when I started using this dating app called TrulyMadly, because it was a totally great experience of dating someone with all surety of authentication.

I matched with Rajat on the app. From the connected LinkedIn account and the compatibility quiz of the app, I got to know that he was also a designer and we shared so many common interests. We started talking and since there was so much common among us, our bond got to a totally different level. You know how it feels when you’re talking to someone and you feel like the other person is same as you.

Right after a month of knowing each other and sharing that special bond, he surprised me by coming to my home with a marriage proposal. Our families got together and they were so happy to know about us. The biggest surprise to me came when my whole family & Rajat planned a prank on me. He told me that we are going to Jaipur for a shoot, but it was when I reached the airport I got to know that we were going to Goa. He proposed to me on a yacht in Goa with a ring that he made all by himself. I can’t express how happy I was at that moment.

We recently got engaged & I believe God chose TrulyMadly to bring us together. I can’t thank Trulymadly enough for helping me meet this wonderful person.

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