Shikha from Punjab met Nikhil Vij on TrulyMadly

Back in 2015, I decided to give dating a shot. I installed the app- Truly Madly sometime around 17 December, 2015. Here, I happened to meet my husband, Nikhil Vij. I stumbled upon his profile while scrolling through the app. I know it’s hard to figure someone’s nature by mere pictures but there was something so positive about him that we just clicked.

We met in the next two days and even though the meeting didn’t go as well as I thought it would (he dressed shabby and had a dent on his car for crying out loud), he was charming and made me fell for his simplicity, honesty, down to earth nature and positivity.

On our second meeting, he took me by surprise and asked me to marry him. Knowing about my past and the rough patch I was going through, he assured me that he wasn’t looking for anything less than a marriage. I did not take him seriously and instead asked him to approach my father for the same.

I am a journalist by profession and one time while I was on TV, announcing the weather report, he showed me to his mother. His mother liked me instantly and so did his elder sister.
On the other hand, my family was also looking for Rishtas and thus, when Nikhil’s father approached mine, they decided to take it forward.

By 3rd January, 2016 our families had met and fixed 14th January as our engagement date. I could not wrap my head around the fact that things were happening so fast. I still felt a bit unsure about all of it but all my doubts faded away, the time Nikhil took me to Delhi for my IELTS exam. That’s when I realised how sweet he is and that I had found such a wonderful life partner in him.

On 12th February, 2016, I got married to my husband Nikhil Vij and became Shikha Dhuria Vij from Shikha Dhuria. We have been Truly Madly in love since and also have a 16 months old son. It’s been 4 years and I still think about the favorable but unexpected chain of events that gave me the blissful life I have today. Thanks Truly Madly.

This was the romantic love story of Shikha who found her forever, Nikhil on TrulyMadly. Download the TrulyMadly Dating App today!

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