Know How Raini Met Her Forever Bharat on TrulyMadly

Raini and Bharat Forever Story TrulyMadly

So it was back in 2015, I had completed my Post Grad and was struggling in the modelling world.

I had had a bad breakup and I wanted to move on in life.

So I started using this dating app, TrulyMadly and I matched with Bharat on the app. He was an aspiring Surgeon back then. We started talking on the app and I got to know that he had also had a recent breakup.


Raini Love Story

We decided to meet and I still remember the date when we first met. It was 24th September 2015 and we met in Connaught Place, Delhi and something just clicked with us. We had so much fun discussing pets and whatnot.

We decided to just start off as friends. Slowly life got busier and we didn’t meet for the next couple of months.

After 2 months when we again started meeting, we discovered that we both like so many things in common like going for adventure activities, trying different cuisines, travelling, partying.

So whenever we got time from our busy schedules we used to make out such plans.

Raini and Bharat Love Story

Who would know that a match on a dating app, followed by some meetings would end up finding the prince charming of my life.

On 20th February 2018, we got married and I seriously thank TrulyMadly from the bottom of my heart that it helped me find my forever.

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