Smriti Sharma met Chandan on TrulyMadly

So this goes back to the summer of 2017, I had just joined a new job back then and life wasn’t that exciting. One day I was randomly surfing some apps on the Play Store and I happen to notice this App ‘TrulyMadly’. I had no idea that it was a dating app, but once I opened the app I thought of trying my luck on this app.

I had already made my mind up that I’ll not get too much involved with anyone on the app as I was very much apprehensive about dating apps, so I just thought of doing a bit of flirting here. But after a couple of matches, I came across Chandan’s profile. So from his profile bio, he seemed to be a biker and I kinda liked his pictures. We matched and started chatting & flirting with each other. I didn’t realize when this flirting changed into genuine liking.

We started meeting each other and in a span of time, we realized that we were made for each other. The messages and phone calls became more frequent and we finally started dating each other in May 2017. Since then we’ve shared shoulders, fought, and even broken up numerous times, but it was our bond that has kept us together time and again. Each day has been a new beginning of our story.

He even helped me convert my fears into my strengths.

The best part was that when we told our parents about each other, they were really happy to know about us. With the blessings of God and our elders, we are now set to tie a knot and are getting married today!

I can’t fail to thank TrulyMadly as this app was the one that helped me Find my Forever.

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