Manish Aganani from Pune met Kritika Prasad from Kolkata on TrulyMadly

So it was 2017 when I started using TrulyMadly, and I matched with her in June 2017. We started chatting for a bit and got too comfortable with each other so, it felt good to take things further.

We decided to meet, and on our first date both of us came up dressed effortlessly, because we were already too comfortable with each other. Initially we progressed as friends, because I used to have commitment issues back then. Because of these issues, she decided that we shouldn’t be in touch. First I thought that it’ll be fine but in a week’s time I started missing her.

I still remember that night, it was 4 am and I opened whatsapp and saw her online. I started typing something but stopped and closed the app. After 3-4 attempts, I thought of dropping a message and started typing again. Before I could send anything, I got a ping from her saying “Kitni der se bas type kiye ja raha h. Kuch send bhi kar de.” And that’s how we started chatting again.

Many such incidents happened that made us realize that although we both have different habits, we have the same emotional connect.

One day we were having dinner in a restaurant and she was giving subtle hints of what she wanted to convey. But being bad at reading hints, I didn’t get it. So, just before she was leaving, she told me directly that she wants to spend her life with me and asked me think about it.

We both have had been into relationships before, but this was the one in which we both never felt a need to be pretentious. We never felt the need to impress each other by doing anything that we are not. This time, I proposed. I created a relationship agreement (12 pages) like Sheldon Cooper does in Big Bang Theory and made her sign it at the same place where we met for our first date 🙂

Our parents were initially not comfortable as we both are from very different backgrounds. So one day I took my mom to have dinner and asked her to join. Luckily, they both got along very well. Our families finally agreed and we got married in November 2019.

Every day we discover new different habits of each other. Even if we find something that we both want to do together, we have totally different reasons for doing it.

We have had a tons of small fights over these differences. But I think the common factor is that we both eventually understand each other’s perspective and respect that. I think that is why we have made it through all these fights and that converted every bump into a smooth stretch for us.

Thank you TrulyMadly for helping me Find my Forever.

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