Fun Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

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Relationships are assignments, they require attention and efforts each day and when they unfortunately transform into a long distance stage they demand even more nurturing and love. Yes, it sucks to have your partner apart from you but if you can look at it differently, it’s your time to rebuild the bond, connect deeply and respect each other from all aspects. It’s that phase where you have to enjoy your life on your own while investing in the relationship in fun and exciting ways. Here are some tried and tested ideas you can implement in your companionship if you are willing to keep the spark alive.<
Movie Dates
Watching movies or TV series together from different cities or countries can be a really interesting date idea where you start and end the show at the same time and you text in between like you are sitting next to each other and talking. You can even discuss your favorite scenes later over phone. It’s a great way of brewing entertaining conversations.
Collect Pin-up worthy moments
Get all your crazy pouting selfies together and mad pictures printed or turn them into photo magnets. Whenever you meet, click a Polaroid picture each day and pin it in a diary with all the details. In your lone time bring it out, discuss and relive them. It will make you grateful for your relationship!
Exercise Together
It’s very easy to fall in the trap of loneliness and then eventually giving up on each other. It’s also difficult to keep the attraction going in that scenario; hence working out together will get you on your toes to have a control of your life and infuse the desire to be together. Having an exercise routine also releases stressful hormones, allow you to love yourself which in turns make you irresistible and craved by your partner.
Skype Celebrations
Without a doubt, Skype will be your essential medium for this complex period so don’t forget to use it for specifically celebrating small wins, shopping hauls, naughty talks and breakfast stories.  Have a weekly Skype session and get a romantic vibe in your room before you turn that camera on.
Food in the Mail
Sending flowers and cards is all good but is quite an old rule. When someone is living in another city and has to manage everything on his/her own then getting them food delivered is the best thing you can do to make their day easy peasy. Order their favorite meals and surprise them with an erotic dessert.
Blaming and accusing the person who left will be your first reaction if you are starting out on a long distance partnership but the sooner you accept the decision the better it will be for both of you. Never forget that you will only have communication as your tool, so make sure you are executing every bit of it and expressing every single emotion and thought that crosses your mind. Women need to understand that men can’t really read mind maps in person forget over phone or skype and men need to note that women have a crazy ocean of feelings, one day they will be all happy and the other; expect the opposite. You need to hold space for each other and be in this together while visualizing a promising future and trudging towards it hand in hand. And most importantly it’s a journey which will only make your bond stronger if you both aim at evolving with each passing moment, I can vouch on that.
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