Guy In Long Distance Relationship Vs Rahul Baba’s Return To India

Now that RaGa has finally returned to India after a stretchy two months long vacation in Bangkok there’s a new spirit and a revived energy blazing among the people of the nation. The media is filled with his homecoming news and we can’t help but rejoice either…. Not because he’s returned but because life had become a dull affair without some puns streaming about him. But anyway, what we observed is the congress guys being too overwhelmed by their beloved Rahul baba’s return which reminded us of the same enthusiasm and overflowing love we find when a guy who is in a long distance relationship (LDR) returns back to meet his girl after a long long wait. Illogical? Except, these are some totally logical and exceptionally hilarious similarities and dissimilarities that we found between the two.

1. Guy in LDR’s return: They couldn’t meet and missed each other so much for two months.

UTV Motion Pictures

RaGa’s Return To India: We hardly heard from him and slept peacefully for two months.


2. Guy in LDR’s: He rejoices and celebrates the return with a cake and candle light dinner.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

RaGa’s Return To India: They celebrated his return with garlands, dhol and fresh memes.

image source

3. Guy in LDR’s return: The guy brings flowers, gifts and chocolates for his girl.

image source/ Dharma Productions

RaGa’s Return To India: He brought women empowerment.

image source

4. Guy in LDR’s return: Even when away they are always connected.

image source

RaGa’s Return To India: We had to use RTI to know his whereabouts.

image source

5. Guy in LDR’s return: He meets his girl straight away.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

RaGa’s Return To India: He meets his mom straight away.

image source

6. Guy in LDR’s return: He was busy studying engineering at IIT Bombay.

Reliance Entertainment

RaGa’s Return To India: He was busy studying Political Science at IIN Bangkok.

image source

7. Guy in LDR’s return: He was busy studying for exams.

image source/ Reliance Entertainment

RaGa’s Return To India: He was….???? What was he doing in Bangkok….?!!!! RTI… The nation wants to know.

image source
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