An Ultimate Guide to Hopeless Romantic Meaning, Dating, Signs, and More!

hopeless romantic meaning

In an era that’s mostly surrounded by emotions of jaded negativity, where the layer of belief in TRUE LOVE is thinning each day, crossing paths with a hopeless romantic seems rare.

Are you wondering what does hopeless romantic meaning? Keep reading!

Rightly said, RARE, sporadically you’ll find hopeless romantics gazing at the sky, reading a romantic novel, finding solace in a book of poems, or silently crying over an emotional movie scene.

Their thin population is still enough to restore our belief in romance and love that matches the level of Bollywood, THE IDEAL LOVE. Is it always the case, always?

Let’s unfold if a hopeless romantic is always perfect or there’s another side to the story that exists. But before that, let’s jump right into hopeless romantic meaning.

What Is A Hopeless Romantic?

For all those probing into an explanation on what does hopeless romantic mean, here’s what it is in a nutshell.

A hopeless romantic is someone whose perspective for love is utopian and sentimental, notwithstanding or getting affected with unfavorable or negative past experiences.

This person believes that Love actually is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

what is a hopeless romantic

No odds or contrasting information on the same can make this person feel otherwise about Love. It’s a blissful experience and always will be.

Emphasizing the word HOPELESS, signifies that their view about Love was, is, and will always be the same even if there are contradicting circumstances.

A hopeless romantic, OFTEN, falls in love with the idea of falling in love rather than the actual person.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that they are already from head to toe committed to being in love and have reserved a spot for a partner.

The person slides in, and there’s an emotional investment, commitment, daydreaming, and expectations from day one.

Everything sounds wonderful and perfect, but such relationships can have struggles too!

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What Does Dating a Hopeless Romantic Looks Like: 13 Signs He’s a Hopeless Romantic

signs you are a hopeless romantic

1. They love Rom Coms

Many find romantic comedy silly and unrealistic. A hopeless romantic is not hopeless but hopeful. They will find their idea of true love being worshipped even in romantic comedies that make no sense for others.

2. They Uncode Songs and Lyrics In a Unique Way

For a hopeless romantic, music is not music but a way of expressing their feelings and emotions. Their playlist comprises all the deep and meaningful songs you never knew even existed.

3. Souvenir Of All The Beautiful Moments

Dating a hopeless romantic has a different beauty in it. You won’t even know, and they are storing memories only to watch them later and relive all those cherishing moments again and again. You’ll never be able to match their love and craze for collecting beautiful memories.

4. A Big Fat Wedding (Discussion, LOL)

You don’t have to keep the count as it won’t matter. You will find yourself planning and discussing your wedding with your hopeless romantic partner for like a hundredth time.

5. Bear With The Expression ‘Awwww

It won’t take much of your efforts to melt your partner’s heart with your small gestures. Remember, he’s going to say AWWWW a lot to show he’s moved by your efforts. You can’t be irritated!

hopeless romantic

6. Be Ready For Grand Gestures

Grand gestures for a hopeless romantic are never extra but a perfect portrayal of romance and excitement. You can expect surprises every now and then.

7. He Is Equally Into Small Things

It isn’t like grand gestures thrice a year, and the rest of the days would be unromantic with no surprises at all. A hopeless romantic specializes in turning even normal days into special ones by doing something extraordinarily sweet.

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8. Happy Couples Make Him Equally Happy

It makes a hopeless romantic extremely happy when he finds people getting their true love. They find solace in happy love affairs, even if it’s others.


Dating a hopeless romantic means dating a LOVE GURU. You’ll find his friends or even yours turning to him for some optimistic relationship advice. He’ll always come up with a solution.

10. He Loves To Celebrate

Dating a hopeless romantic is also about celebrating and participating. Be ready with a gift for your first kiss anniversary celebration, first date anniversary celebration, the first breakup & patch up anniversary celebration (LOL), proposal anniversary celebration, and the list depends on how much he remembers. He loves to celebrate relationship milestones. There are chances his list has it all!

dating a hopeless romantic

11. He Can Be A Cry Baby

He’s an extremely emotional partner. Emotional movie scenes or even emotional advertisements are enough to make him cry. Even your kind words or sweet gestures are enough to make the tears roll through his eyes. We hope you’re always ready with a box of tissues if you’re dating one!

12. You Better Don’t Say Anything Bad About Their Favorite Fictional Character

It’s easy for them to get attached to a fictional character. Sometimes the attachment can be way too high that they fail to maintain the gap between fiction and reality.

13. They Have an Unshakeable Faith In Destiny and Fate

Your partner is a firm believer in horoscopes and such things. He believes the universe has things planned out for him, and what’s meant to happen would happen.

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Signs You Are a Hopeless Romantic: What Can Be The Disadvantages Of Being A Hopeless Romantic And Is It Always Good Or Bad?

There might be circumstances where this situation must be addressed. Know whether you’re a part of the group of such eternal optimists or not. Understand these six signs!

hopeless romantic signs

1. It’s hard for you to spot red flags in your relationship though they’re always there!

Your glass with roses on it is ALWAYS on, which makes it hard for red flags to enter your sight. A hopeless romantic always keeps the notion of love on the top, ignoring and sidelining glaring red flags until it’s the limit and the euphoria finally vanishes to bring the clear picture to your notice. Even then, the person is hyper-focused on making it work, unwilling to focus on looking the other way.

2. It’s easy to fall in love!

One of the hopeless romantic signs includes falling in love with the idea. Meaning? Like mentioned earlier, you’re more into the idea of love than the person on the other side of the equation. You have the entire love puzzle ready with that last missing piece where anyone could fit with the same final result. It can eventually lead to unfulfilled impractical expectations.

3. Daydreaming, and probably a lot of it

You’re a hopeless, hopeless romantic when ‘inserting a partner’ is the secondary plan, but the primary wedding plan, wedding song, wedding attire, and everything else is planned in your head. When it finally knocks in your brain that OH YOU NEED A PARTNER TOO TO EXECUTE THIS PLAN, then you probably break your fantasy world and get out of it for a real partner. OOPS!

4. Love Bombing

It becomes a frequent occurrence even though you attempt to idealize your relationships and give your best. Sometimes you get love-bombed, and sometimes you love bomb your partner. They say anything in access is bad, and LOVE is no exception to it. It doesn’t take much for relationships to turn toxic if things are not in balance.

5. You are always the one who’s investing more in keeping the relationship

A relationship shouldn’t always be fifty-fifty. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is sixty-forty, seventy-thirty, or even eighty-twenty. What really matters is that you always find yourself on the heavier side of the investment. In that case, you’re stuck in a one-sided relationship you’re OKAY with. We won’t say it’s always wrong, but you must back out when the limit exceeds, and the other person is totally passive.

6. Your partner is all that matters

One of the signs you are a hopeless romantic is that you start treating yourself as someone who’s less important. You won’t realize, but you have started ignoring everything for the sake of your relationship backed by your ideal definition of love. You’re starting to lose yourself in the journey of chasing an emotional high.

The Bottom Line:

A hopeless romantic is always somewhere in the middle. Achieving perfection can be tough but not impossible if things are balanced.

If our guide to hopeless romantic meaning and signs helped you in any way, write to us in the comments below!

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