11 Pro Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Strong & Happy

Tips for Long Distance Relationships

When in conversation with people, many of them said it’s very difficult to maintain and keep a long-distance relationship (LDR) alive. We agree that it’s very easy for an LDR to hit rough patches, but what if you have no choice but to be in one? 

Well, with the correct mindset, right expectations, and mindful tips for long distance relationships, you can be in an LDR that grows and thrives stronger with time. 

Therefore, to answer your question of how to make a long distance relationship work, we tapped some experts for their take on how a long distance relationship can work, what needs to be done, and other advice to keep the spark alive. 

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11 Pro Tips Making Long Distance Relationships Strong & interesting

1. Be Transparent About Your Personal Boundaries

Many LDR couples believe that setting personal boundaries will have a negative impact on their relationship. But how long distance relationship works the best is by setting boundaries that are not just limited to fidelity. It can include what’s acceptable and what’s not with mutual consent. 

Remember, there’s a thin line between setting boundaries and invading privacy; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the virtual space. So be very careful of giving each other space. 

2. Live Like You Are Single

O, No, No! It doesn’t imply hook-up, mate! 

It means living your life to the fullest rather than venting about how your partner is away, and you miss them. Of Course, you do, but focusing on yourself, living a life that you appreciate, and being happy internally reflects on your relationship with your partner. 

The more you appreciate yourself, the more you will appreciate your partner. 

3. Apply Three To Five Months Rule

how to keep a long distance relationship strong and happy

There’s a very famous LDR question- How long is it OKAY to not see your partner? The common answer is three months. 

Make it a point to arrange a meeting every three months or a maximum of five months. Do not exceed this period. This is how to keep a long distance relationship strong and happy. 

4. You Must Talk EVERY Day Is A Myth

Many couples make it a point to talk every day as they think it’s a must. Experts say rather it can be harmful to your relationship (not always). Keeping your S.O. updated on everything you do every single day can turn a bit monotonous. 

For keeping some mystery and thrill alive, you can go a couple of days without talking to each other (keep it informed and don’t go missing, please). 

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5. Don’t Keep Your LDR Limited To Technology.

If your question is how to keep a long distance relationship interesting, connect more deeply by disconnecting. Confused? 

how to keep a long distance relationship interesting

Don’t wait for your next meeting to give your partner a present or surprise them with something special. Instead, you can send them a gift now and then occasionally to make them feel special. 

Taking the old school way and sending love letters is still the most heart-touching thing to do. Try it! 

6. Share Texts That Needs A Little Decoding

If your mind is directing you towards sexting, take a break! We are not saying drop it totally, but add elements to it to make it even better and not obvious.  

Keeping it a little exciting and playful is a key to a relationship full of passion and thrill. How?

Do not share full and clear pictures of your hottest body parts. Rather, take the close-ups and send them. Let your partner guess, and don’t reveal it immediately. Let them change angels and let them keep guessing. It’s just one way. You can do whatever you both mutually desire. 

How does LDR work? It works by doing experiments and additions. It’s a good tactic to keep the intensity factor in your LDR.

7. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Online Dates

Some years down the line, this idea might have sounded like an absurd one. Today, it’s something that’s not only keeping us connected but also safe. 

how to survive a long distance relationship

Plan your movie dates, play fun games online, cook together, and be creative with the ideas. 

8. Make A Sex Strategy

Did you know that sexual dissatisfaction is one thing that leads to cheating in LDR? Yes, it does. So is making a sex strategy important? YES! We can call it the best way how to deal with a long distance relationship. 

It can be a little awkward for some couples but break it. 

It can be regular sex chat or video sex for some couples, or it can also be an open relationship of some kind to others. We won’t say one is better than the other. There’s no best way, it’s a choice, and we can’t emphasize much on mutual agreement. 

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9. Get Your Hands On An Interesting Messaging Application

In the end, it’s the texting that will keep the two of you connected. So compromising with this element is not at all allowed. 

Search for a good app that allows you to exchange feelings and emotions that are beyond words.

how to deal with a long distance relationship

10. Welcome Unexpected Changes

It’s seen that one of the common reasons for LDR failing is couples failing to cope with unplanned changes. When two individuals are apart, not only does the geographical location change, but a lot gets mixed and matched that needs to be dealt with patience, love, and care. 

You must always be ready and willing to talk about the changing scenarios rather than shutting them down because you are upset about them. Plan well in advance for all the unexpected bummers. It’s a golden rule for how to maintain a long distance relationship. 

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11. No Assumptions!

Somewhere, we are forced to believe that LDRs don’t work, agree? Well, it’s not at all true. 

The first rule to how to keep long distance relationship alive is changing your negative mindset and switching to a positive one. Don’t let yourself fall for the trap. Believe in yourself and your partner. 

Nobody wants to live miles apart from their love, but some situations are out of our control. All you have to do is make the most of the situation and turn it in your favor. 

We hope our help and tips on ways to maintain a long distance relationship will guide you in the right direction. Stay strong and cheerful! 

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