7 Stages of Breakup & What Makes Dealing With a Breakup Easy

7 Stages of Breakup & What Makes Dealing With a Breakup Easy

What happened?

We broke up 🙁

It’s a break up break up….

Everything is over!

Without an ounce of doubt, a relationship break up sucks! But here’s the good news. Some experts have observed breakups so closely that stages of breakup are predictable now. Not only this, there are some tried, tested, and true strategies for dealing with a breakup that help people with broken hearts find a way out. Let’s discuss but before that…

Please Note: You might experience all the relationship break up stages mentioned below but not in the same order. There is a process, but there’s no right split of it. It’s okay to bounce between stages, stay in one for a prolonged period, stay in one briefly, and so on. Whatever it is, these stages prepare you mentally to get over your SO CALLED EX for good. 

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Let’s Dive Into 7 Stages of Breakup & What Makes Dealing With a Breakup Easy, Read Till the End.

1. The Shock Stage

dealing with a breakup

When everything breaks apart, it first takes time to understand what just happened. This stage resembles an accident. You realize something wrong has happened, but you go numb before the full reveal. 

This stage lasts for a couple of days and leads you directly to the denial phase. 

2. The Denial Stage

If your answer is a YES to most questions, you are in the denial stage. 

  • Are you waiting for their call or text?
  • Do you think about them and your happy moments together throughout the day?
  • Do you wish to see them somewhere?
  • You can’t control and text them that you are still in love?
  • I think I should wait. He/she will return. 
  • The makeover! Did you do that? 

Denial is our typical reaction to an emotional situation that’s overwhelming.

You realize it’s not just a nightmare right after the shock stage. You two had your share of happiness, and now it’s time to part ways. 

We would say it’s an essential stage as most of the courage we have in the entire process; we get it from this phase. 

From here, we hop into the mad phase that most of you might not experience. 

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3. The Mad Stage

I am going to get them back. My relationship can’t end! 

  • Are you trying everything to make your partner jealous? 
  • Are you pleading for another chance?
  • Are you even trying seduction to get them back?
  • You still haven’t informed your friends and family about the breakup? 
  • Are you even trying to guilt talk to win them back? 

If it’s a YES, enjoy your mad phase (not really). 

Once reality hits and you can no longer control what’s happening, we enter this stage. You might suppress the volcano inside for some days, but it has to come out one day. You are not willing to let go of a part of your life that’s responsible for most of the actions you take during this stage. 

Promises happen, you are willing to compromise, try-hard, cry yourself to sleep, and nothing works. Then, finally, you accept that you’ve lost your power. 

It’s time you enter the next phase of our stages of relationship break up

4. The Emotional Stages of Breakup With Bummers

relationship break up

How… Why… Now what? Guilt, pain, desperation, loneliness, mixed emotions, and doubt are some of the primary characteristics of this stage. 

  • That constant feeling you will never be happy again. 
  • You want to sleep the whole day. 
  • You don’t find anything interesting. 
  • Even daily chores feel like climbing a mountain. 
  • That constant feeling of helplessness. 
  • You start to feel unloved by everybody around you. 
  • You can’t stop missing them and talking about them. 

Relationship breaking down is the most difficult stage… but you are close to recovering! It hurts, but to get better, you must endure some pain.

Moving on gradually and slowly, this stage also must pass. But the question is, how long does it take to get over this grief? The answer lies in our ability to follow three things very strictly. 

  1. Keep our EX out of our mind in every possible way. 
  2. Stop overthinking! 
  3. Accept that it’s not the end. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Everything happens for a reason. 

Once we get these three things straight in our heads, we move towards acceptance. 

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5. The Acceptance Stage

This stage of breakup is the first significant step toward recovery. You accept the situation and are willing to move on. It’s an accomplishment, mate. 

Answer some questions if you think you have finally accepted your situation. 

  • Have you finally accepted that you and your partner are together no more? 
  • Have you given up on hope now? 
  • Are you able to concentrate better now? 
  • You miss them but the degree is much less? 
  • Do new people around you excite you? 

All these things make you feel better. You are still wired, but it has started to loosen up. 

All the self-evaluation brings you to the point that it was the inner conflict of wanting them back and nothing more. So you smile more, wish to get back into the world normally & things start to look fresh and young again. 

6. The Let Go Stage

taking a break in a relationship

The ultimate climax of the entire recovery process. You’ve been through the worst, and now it’s time to see the positives, cherish what you had at some point, make new experiences, and be happy 🙂 It’s like taking a break in a relationship for analysis.

  • You release all your anger and negatives for your ex. 
  • You realize you can be happy alone. 
  • You have accepted that breakup was the right thing. 
  • You catch yourself not missing your ex for days in a row. 
  • There are no breakdowns like earlier. 
  • You feel more confident and there’s an enhanced strength that you feel. 

All these are clear signs that you are ready to let go. 

How long do people stay in this phase? The answer depends on how well you have done in prior stages. The easy way out doesn’t work. Feel your feelings and surrender. 

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7. The Final Move On Stage

You are there, mate. At the top of the mountain. You are free! You are happy! You are breathing again! 

  • Everything is making sense to you. 
  • You are respecting your needs now. 
  • You are alone but not lonely. 
  • You love yourself more now. 
  • You are willing to trust people, again. 
  • You know what to expect from your future partnership. 

You are no longer a partner now. You are YOU. 

Now, our simple explanation for dealing with a breakup would be, GO WITH THE FLOW. Find your way out of each stages of breakup situation and that’s how it works. Neither go extreme nor go heartless about the whole situation. It’s a stage that shall pass. Don’t forget to take care of yourself a bit more. The new YOU must attract the world. 

Also, if you find yourself stuck in a situation and healing feels like an impossible task, please get professional help. A relationship breaking down can be unexpected in terms of emotions. Try working on your grief but be mindful of what’s going right and what’s not. 

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