Friend Break Up More Complicated Than The Romantic Ones? Let’s Find Out!

friend break up

Don’t you think friendships and relationships weigh the same? 

Why is it so that a relationship gets all the glory while a friendship relation is undervalued? 

Why does Bollywood have tons of songs on romantic relationships and limited on friendship relations? 

Why is pain only associated with ending a romantic relationship, whereas friendship breakups are taken lightly? 

Friend break up is not as light and easy to cope up with as it sounds. If you have ever been through one, you’d know! 

Did you know that some people have been through the worst breakups, and they were not the typical romantic ones? Yes! 

Let’s go a little deeper and find out why a best friend break up can be more painful than ending a romantic relationship. 

best friend break up
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#1 Unlike A Partner, You Know You Won’t Find Someone Better

When you’re going through a romantic breakup, there are people always cheering you up with that one constant line- YOU’LL GET SOMEONE BETTER. Unfortunately, during the phase of friendship break up, deep down, you know that idiot was the best you could ever have. 

Another meaningful friendship like the one you were enjoying with your ex-best friend is next to impossible. What’s gone is gone. This is the beauty of friendship. It’s irreplaceable!  

#2 There’s Not Much To Talk About

Where official breakup is a thing, closure in friendships is still an alien concept. 

friendship breakups
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If it’s a clear betrayal case, that situation is a bit different. You know what to say, and you know what went wrong. The matter of fact is that most of the time, friendship vanishes into thin air. There’s no prior warning. Distance manages to peep in, and suddenly it’s all gone. 

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#3 Friends Broken Heart Don’t Get To Mourn

There’s no denying that pain here is no less than a romantic breakup. Since there’s no ‘official’ breakup, we don’t get to properly grieve our loss. 

friends broken heart
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Oftentimes we are confused whether we have really lost it or not, agree? We get dropped without knowing why which leaves us in a confusing state as to how to react. Friend break up just hurts; it hurts badly. 

#4 They’re The One You Want To Talk To, Even About Your Breakup With Them

Now that’s challenging, isn’t it! Not being able to talk to your favorite person when you need them the most is hurtful. 

When we are in emotional pain, we turn towards the person we love and trust the most. 90% of the time, it’s our best friend we look for to hug and talk it out. 

Best friend break up blocks our way of dealing with emotional trauma in a healthy way because they’re not with us anymore. You feel all alone! 

#5 Somewhere, You Feel Ashamed That Your Friendship Didn’t Work

Unspoken Rule #101: Friendship is easy for grown-ups, and it’s everlasting. Is it? 

It indirectly implies that you’ll be branded a bad person if you lose friends. Ultimately you’ll be targeted to be the one at fault with no good reason. It pressurizes you to feel ashamed of doing something you never committed. Now that sounds tough! 

#6 They’re BEST For A Reason

friends after breakup
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Have you ever heard the title best girlfriend/boyfriend? Sounds controversial (LOL). 

As we all start from first being strangers to each other, the journey of becoming friends to best friends is an invested one. There are tons of shared memories; they understand us like no one, and when things are falling apart, it feels like an end to something that was meant to be forever. Friends after breakup become strangers again, and that’s heartbreaking. 

#7 You Can Be The ‘Real You’ With Them

Romantic relationships do not always allow you to be yourself. There are unsaid barriers that must be respected. With friends, you let your guard down. 

With them now gone, somewhere, a part of you loses identity. Losing good friends or friendship breakups is a terrible feeling.

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#8 Oh, Wait… Your Secrets!! Are They Safe?

When you’re confessing your sins, feelings, and all your dirty secrets to your best friend, it does not even for once cross your mind that you are going to lose them, right? When your friendship finally takes the last breath, the fear of your secrets making rounds is real. You’re no longer sure whether they are in safe hands or not. 

friendship break
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When a friendship ends, it also means the end of an era of trust and reliability. 

#9 Your Goddamn Social Life Gets Affected

Post romantic breakup, at least your friendship equation is clear. He has his own friends; you still have yours. Friend break up? It’s complicated. 

Friends have a lot in common and a social circle is one of them. It goes without saying that if friendship isn’t working with one, the same social circle won’t be OKAY anymore. People choose sides, and suddenly you have limited people to hang out with. Isn’t it depressing? 

#10 It’s Hard To Cut Them Off From Your Heart and Brain

When you break up with your partner, you can get rid of their gifts, stop visiting the places you both used to go together, delete their number, photos, texts, everything, and you feel a Lil better. 

Friendship break up? Dammit! It literally requires brain extraction to minimize or end their influence in your life. 

When friends are gone, it feels like a void that remains the same for years and years. People might come and go, but the ones you value from all your heart are truly special and irreplaceable. 

So it would be wrong to say that a friend break up is any less painful than the romantic one.

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