11 Silly but True Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Better Than a Boyfriend

best friend is better than a boyfriend

You may or may not be in a relationship but every girl all over the world truly knows, no boyfriend can ever replace her BFF.

This is a fact, a true best friend is way more precious than any boyfriend. Boyfriends will come and go but your best friend is for life.

There is something about a best friend, you don’t need to impress your best friend and he/she will always be there for you.

We have collected a few silly but true reasons which prove why your best friend is better than your boyfriend.

  • You don’t need to dress up every time you have to see her.

This is true, you don’t have to dress up to impress your best friend every time you meet her. She has seen you at your worst so this won’t bother her even if you are in your pajamas and have got pimples on your face or your hair is not nicely done.

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  • She listens to you….actually ‘listens’ and not the ‘selective listening’ shit your beau does.

Your best friend will listen to the whole damn story about your beau and will have a solution for your relationship issues.

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  • Can actually text them as much as you want to

A best friend will never ever get bored of your texts or calls for that matter but a boyfriend will always need his own time.

You can flood your bestie’s phone with text messages but not to a boyfriend definitely. The silliest reason your best friend has no comparison when you get best friend vs boyfriend.

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  • You can discuss PMS and hot guys. Period.

You talk about anything and everything with your best friend. You get to talk about your crush or guy you recently dated or flirted with and you actually do text analysis and dos and don’ts too with your best friend.

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  • They will not make you watch sports or documentaries.

A big no for any boxing match or documentaries. Your best friend will always make you watch shows like sex and the city and friends. That’s what makes a best friend better than a boyfriend.

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  • Your best friend understands you better than anyone else

She understands all your girly issues of walking in heels, curling hair to make up, and of course issues with bangs and periods. 

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  • 7. She will be honest with you.

Your BFF will always answer you honestly unlike the freak-out dance your boyfriend does on being asked ‘How do I look in this?

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  • Ever saw your bf’s face light up like this on hearing the word ‘shopping’?!! Well, she’s always up for it!

Shopping and best friends go together, you can relate to this if you ever go shopping with your bestie. Your best friend will make the best assistant in selecting your new dress or the color that perfectly suits you. 

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  • She never accepts if someone is cheating on you and tells you immediately.

She is someone who is overprotective of you and concerned about you more than anyone else. Another reason to choose between a best friend vs boyfriend– she will never break your heart and cheat on you and she will make sure nobody cheats on you.

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  • Whether you are overweight or ugly- doesn’t matter to your best friend.

Your best friend loves you no matter what, however, your boyfriend will always have issues with your looks. Therefore, one more silly reason which clearly says your best friend is better than a boyfriend.

bff-10-amritsar-2-alia-annoyed-drink-cold-drink-humpty-sharma-ki-dukhaniaDharma Productions

  • Your best friend will always be there for you

Your best friend will always be there for you, no matter what situation you are in. She will always have your back, whenever things are messed up.

She has always been by your side through all good and bad times and knows you better than anyone else, so just a hug from your bestie, and everything will be alright.  

So there were few reasons why your best friend is better than your boyfriend. Let us know why you think your bestie is better than a boyfriend?

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