7 Biggest Reasons Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship

Biggest Reasons Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship

If we ask if friendship is better than relationship, what would you say? Hold your answer for the end of this blog!

Is friendship better than love? Finding an amazing person and falling in love can make you do crazy things. No, No, we are not talking about crimes (lol). It can include shifting across the country, leaving your job to settle with them, or even pushing your favorite people out of your life. Some out of your wish and some forced, maybe.

We are not against taking major life decisions out of love, but disconnecting yourself from friends for the sake of a relationship is not the right thing to do. A friendship relationship is as important as your romantic relationship.

After you commit yourself to a relationship, bailing on plans, not answering your friends’ calls, or not reverting to their texts might sound normal, but that means pushing your support system out of your life, maybe unknowingly.

If you are up for an argument that you call them when you fight with your partner, drop it now because that doesn’t count. Although friendship is greater than relationship But friends are not ONLY your emergency counter you reach out to when your partner is not talking to you, OKAY?

sometimes friendship is better than relationship

Allow Us to Explain Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship, and Why Your Friend Circle Must Never Be Affected by Your Relationship Status.

1. You Can’t Be Someone’s Everything & Vice Versa

Don’t you think it’s a bit overwhelming to expect your partner to fit in every role? Neither it’s healthy nor fair. Pyaar Dosti hai, and we are not underestimating this. Surely your relationship’s root is friendship, you two are like family to each other, but as it evolves, things change.

Think of it this way. What to do when you have to vent about your relationship? Can you do this with your partner?

No! Such situations need an outside perspective that has to be your friends. This third-party perspective comes into play very frequently, haina? This is where the difference between relationship and friendship get’s a wider view.

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2. Losing Friends Means Losing A Part Of Yourself

Always remember that when you are distancing yourself from your friends, you are also stripping away some of your hobbies and habits that are a part of you. Maybe a part that made your partner fall for you.

So before making your partner your ONLY priority, think of what ALSO makes you happy that’s not solely your relationship.

3. Having Friends Kills The Dependency Factor In Your Relationship

Any relationship can take an unhealthy and lousy turn quickly if the dependency on each other is major.

What else do you do when you are left with no option other than your partner? You depend heavily on each other, which can be strenuous both individually and as a couple.

It also might reach a point where you start stressing about doing everything in your power to keep them, even if it means sacrificing your happiness to make them happy.

why friendship is better than relationship

This dependency is killed by your friends when you have them by your side to support you, be there for you, and be the missing part in your life that relationships can’t fill.

We won’t say friendship is much better than relationship, but its spot must be right next to your relationship.

So before we proceed further, did you know that even friends are preserved in multiple categories? There are seven different types of friendships that have been explored till date.

  1. Best friends like we all have
  2. Lifelong friends who stayyyyy
  3. Close friends
  4. Not so close but social friends you only socialize with occasionally
  5. Activity friends like gym buddies, travel buddies, etc. You are not like friends, friends with them.
  6. Convenient friends you rarely get to meet.
  7. Acquaintances, friends you just know, and they are not close to you.

Do you have all the friends? Let us know in the comments below. Moving further.

4. Friends Are Saviors

They say your friend circle is the depiction of your own personality. Opposites attract might be true for love angle, but when it comes to friendship, they are your shadow when it comes to behavior, likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

Therefore, if your relationship is demanding you not do certain things because your partner hates doing it, you can any day do it with your buddies. This is where sometimes friendship is always better than relationship.

5. You Can Be Your Unfiltered Version With Them

is friendship better than love

We all know there are some unsaid barriers between you and your partner you can’t cross. It’s not like that you can’t or you will be punished for doing so, it’s because you respect your relationship and you yourself refrain from doing so.

But they say the heart wants what it wants, or jab dost hai saath to darne ki kya baat… 

Barge into your friend’s house and be your crazy self.

6. Whose Shoulder Are You Going To Cry On Post Breakup?

Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationships you ask? Well…

  • Your broken heart needs someone to confide in.
  • You want to vent about your breakup for hours and need someone to listen to you patiently while passing you tissues.
  • After blocking each other, you want to have their updates (which you should not).
  • Because you can’t abuse them, you want someone to abuse them for you.
  • You need someone to talk to at 3 AM because you are missing them.
  • Who’s this someone? It’s your friend you didn’t ignore for the one who’s not a part of your life anymore.

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7. You Share A History With Your Friends

Just because an equation is not romantic is no excuse to put it under the category of less significant. You must have shared beautiful experiences with your friends when your partner was not even a part of it.

Those precious moments, emotional ups and downs, and cherishing life events must coexist with your romantic relationship to have a life experience that’s fulfilling in a true sense.

Final Words: Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship & Healthy For Your Mind

which is better friendship or relationship

We, humans, are social beings. For us, interacting with multiple people is not a choice but a need. The same goes for with whom we want to associate ourselves. Love is required, but it’s not the only thing we need.

Having a bond with different people with different values to bring in our lives is very important for our well-being.

They make us feel stable, bring in the sense of serenity, make us feel wanted, and bring in the opportunity of self-realization.

Is friendship better than relationship? What’s your take on this?

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