How to Know If a Guy Likes You? 23 Signs That Says He’s Totally Into You

signs he likes you but is hiding it
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He liked my picture?! OMG!! I think he likes me.

*No like on the next picture* No he doesn’t. 

Don’t you think decoding your crush’s signals whether they like you or not is next-level complicated?

Not being gender biased here but when it comes to men’s thoughts, it becomes even more difficult. You can now finally stop overanalyzing.

Jump right into the conclusion because these 23 “signs he likes you but is hiding it” are some of the clear signs he loves you. Let’s get into it one by one! 

signs he likes you but is hiding it
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  • You Often Find Him Making Eye Contact With You

Eye contact is a non-verbal emotion that says it all. It might sound a bit cliche but eye-contact speaks a thousand words. Next time AGAIN if you find him looking into your eyes, he likes you for sure

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  • He Cleans Up

Hangout plan at his place and he’s actually taking efforts in grooming his space as well as himself? He’s looking all handsome and his place tidy? It’s one of the clear signs he likes you. 

  • Your Conversations are Deeper Now

If you find him asking thoughtful questions from you, unlike the old times when it was all casual, he’s curious to know more about you. It happens when someone is genuinely interested in you. Good news? 

signs a guy likes you
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  • He’s Talking His Heart Out!

How to know if a guy loves you but is hiding it? Check his vulnerability status around you. If he’s more vocal about his personal issues and displays his emotions more freely now, it’s a sign of an eternal bond. 

  • He Loves To Catch Up With Your Friends

If he’s comfortable around your pals, his emotional investment in you is more than what you think. 

  • He’s a Bit Jealous Of Your Male Friends

How to tell if a guy likes you? Catch his jealousy. Obviously, if a guy has feelings for you, it will be hard for him to accept that it’s OKAY if you talk to other guys as well. Oftentimes, his jealous mode would be on if he finds you talking to other men. 

how to know if a guy loves you but is hiding it
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  • He Respects Your Boundaries

Boundaries are not only about kisses and intimacy. Every relationship has some boundaries that must be respected. 

  • Your Advice Matters to Him

If you’re looking for signs a guy likes you or not, take a flashback of your equation with him. If it’s just surface level where HI HELLO happens, chances of him liking you are almost NILL. If you’re a part of his decision-making, where your opinion matters, where your advice is taken seriously, he’s into you. 

  • He Would Want To See You For No Reason

Catching up on Friday nights and weekends is normal. What’s not normal is his effort to meet you casually. He loves to spend time with you is another signs he likes you but is hiding it

how to know a guy likes you
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  • He’s Listening

If he remembers even small details that you brought up in a conversation with him casually, he likes to listen to you. Now that’s a clear indication you’re his favorite (wink). 

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  • He Encourages You, He Supports You

He wishes to see you thriving. Not only wishes but genuinely put efforts to support and encourage you. When he’s by your side, do you need more signs? 

  • Your Interests Interest Him

You: I always wanted to try that.

Him: We should definitely do that together someday

You: I want to visit that place.

Him: How about a vacation there? 

One of the clear signs he likes you but is hiding it. 

how to know if a guy likes you
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  • There’s Nothing Called TOO MUCH Between You Two

Whatever you two do together feels perfect. 

Too much NetFlix and chill? Nah!

Too much hanging out? Nah!

Too much time together? Nah?

Too much texting and phone calls? Nah! 

  • He Double-Text

In the era where online dating and love are flourishing, double texting (texting twice in a row) is a big thing. If he’s ditching his self-consciousness and double-texting you, it can be a sign, girl! 

  • He’s Always There For You

One of the men in love signs is their supportive and caring attitude towards you. They somehow have genuine solutions to your problems. You have their back every time you need support. 

signs he pretending not to like you
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  • He’s Watching You

Whenever you guys are in a group, he looks for your reaction whenever he cracks a joke or says something. You can also spot him looking at you for no reason (thumbs up). 

  • He’s Telling You His Future Plans

He’s sharing things with you beyond job, promotions, and such stuff. It could be one of the signs that he potentially sees his future with you. (excited?)

  • He Drunk Calls You

 How to know a guy likes you? There’s a saying: “A drunk’s person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts.” If he texts or calls you under the influence of Alcohol, believe every word that he says. 

how to know a guy love you
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  • He’s Different When He’s Around You

It happens when a guy likes you but doesn’t know how to express it. Or it could also be one of the signs he pretending not to like you but is into it. The bottom line here is that he likes you. 

  • He’s All Dressed Up When Meeting You

Is he trying to impress you? Does he like you? Of Course, he does. 

  • His Friends Teasing You When You’re Around

Before anyone else, his friends would definitely know that he likes you. So when you’re with his friends and they’re teasing him, it’s a sign! 

signs he likes you
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  • He Defends You

He’s all territorial for you. You’ll always hear a sound defending you when someone is trying to insult you, tease you, or trying to make fun of you. It’s a surefire sign that he likes you. 

  • He Subtly Flirts

One of the key signs he likes you but is hiding it is that he loves to tease you and flirt with you in a healthy way. Boys generally don’t flirt with the girls they don’t have feelings for. 

We hope these signs would help you decipher your question of how to know a guy loves you. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a little bit of observation. 

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