Meeting the Parents

This one’s a tough situation. As if it isn’t bad enough that you have to meet the friends, most serious relationships demand that you become best buddies with The Family too!
Disclaimer: The Family (Yes, the capital letters imply a mafia style gangster quotient) will always always always side with your partner, even when s/he is wrong. So you really can’t win. But you can survive!
We pooled in experiences and narrowed down the survival kit to a few very basic pointers (some may be a little shocking though). Hope you find them useful. Good luck!
meetingtheparentsEverything else is fairly self explanatory, but the last point deserves a little elaboration. Okay, so here goes. Siblings are the secret decision makers of the house.
If they love you, they will dance to London Thumakda at your wedding. If they hate you, be prepared for a very Hum Aapke Hain Koun paapad moment. They can sway the opinion of the elders, they can smoothly attack the relationship when you’re having a fight but only they can help you sneak in to the house to surprise him on his birthday. Basically, they’re superheroes. And we all know no one messes with superheroes to get away with it.
Consider yourself warned.

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